London cheers up with non-violent, creative and good humoured pro-democracy Assembly and anti-cuts demonstrations

Trafalgar Square was the venue of a multitudinous Assembly, mainly of young people, inspired by the Spanish and Greek mobilisations demanding real democracy. At the same time UK Uncut carried out actions in defence of the health service inside and outside banks, to raise awareness about their role in the economic crisis used to justify the impending destruction of the NHS. »


Egyptian Revolution Taking a New Shape

About 1 million people gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square and across Egypt May 27 for a "Friday of Anger" that showed that revolution against dictator Mubarak and his regime has reached a new stage. 27M demonstrations were called by left organizations in defiance of military rulers, as well as Muslim Brotherhood and liberal groups that were part of the mass protests in February »


The gentle force that changed Milan

The leftist candidate Giuliano Pisapia has won the municipal elections in Milan, ending 18 years of right-wing government. Victory of the left in Naples, Cagliari and other major cities: turned from Berlusconi in a referendum on his person and his government, the elections have shown a clear rejection by the Italians of a policy based on insults, threats and lies. »


Out of Exile

Exclusive Report on Ousted Honduran President Zelaya’s Return Home 23 Months After U.S.-Backed Coup. In a Democracy Now! global broadcast exclusive, we take you on the plane of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya as he and his family return home after almost two years in exile. We speak with Zelaya and some of the many who accompanied Zelaya home. »


Bloody and violent interventions by the police force in Morocco

In all Morrocan cities against popular demonstrations of the “20th of February Movement… The People want change” which is raising political, economic and social demands. Plain clothes police supported by other kinds of response and auxiliary forces used batons to disperse demonstrators who were protesting peacefully. »


European Revolution

All European cities are called, trough the site europeanrevolution.net for Real Democracy Now! "We are not a commodity lying in the hands of politicians and bankers. We blame the economic and political forces for our bad situation and demand the necessary change of course. We call on all citizens, under the motto Real Democracy NOW!". »


“Toma la Plaza”: Frustration with Unemployment, Budget Cuts Fuels Grassroots Protests in Spain

Tens of thousands of Spanish protesters are demonstrating across the country calling for better economic opportunities, a more representative electoral system, an end to political corruption. The pro-democracy protests started on May 15 in Madrid when people gathered in the central plaza to advocate for change, calling the budding movement “Toma la Plaza,” or “Take the Square” »


Gaddafi should go

Say leaders today at the G8 summit in France. They have issued a joint call - including the Russians, which have criticized Nato's campaign in Libya - for the embattled leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to step down and leave the government of the country. "He has lost all legitimacy and has failed to fulfill his responsibility to protect the Libyan population", they said. »


Greece in the footsteps of Egypt and Spain: is this the rise of a new civilisation?

Thousands of people in 20 cities have started the Greek Ethical Revolution. The Greeks took the message sent by the Spanish “Indignados” heard in the motto “Be quiet or you’ll wake Greece up …” Greece has awakened for good… »


Real Democracy Now

Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, our governments have decided to make the people kneel instead of making the banks pay. The European democracies have been sequestered by the international financial markets. We have been taken by the throat by the austerity measures which have multiplied throughout Europe. »


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