Criticisms of Mariano Rajoy’s administration for they way it has behaved during the referendum haven’t stopped coming all day from all over the world.

The brutal force of the police and the civil guard that we saw yesterday in Catalonia; the refusal to dialogue with the different actors before, during and after; the lack of minimal serious analysis; the blatant manipulation of information in the media… have all caused sectors that supported the Spanish government’s position on independence or those neutral to independence, to have openly demonstrated to reject in a clear way the actions of Rajoy and his government.

There have never been so many in favour of independence in Catalonia nor so many people who want to separate themselves from the image of the Kingdom of Spain that remains today, an image associated more with a dictatorship than with a democracy, even if it’s only formal.

At this rate, what happened in Britain after the Brexit referendum, which many people did not want but saw a yes vote as a way to register a protest against Cameron, will happen.  Nobody has done so much for Catalan independence as Mariano Rajoy.  If it turns out, in a few days’ time, that Catalonia will finally become independent, many Catalans will be able to say, “Mr. Rajoy, thanks to you we are out of Spain… even though we didn’t want to be”.