Training in Nonviolent Journalism

Applications for our training course starting in April 2023 are now closed. If you are interested in future editions of our course, please fill in the form below, without sending your CV and we will write to you when applications open again.


Pressenza is an international news agency with 14 years of experience in dozens of different areas. In several of them, Pressenza is a well known partner among civil society organizations in efforts to resolve conflicts, from indigenous peoples’ campaigns to nuclear disarmament. Founded on the current known as Universalist Humanism or New Humanism, Pressenza’s vision goes beyond single-issues and sees the underlying connections between all the conflicts which generate so much pain and suffering in the world: we live in a global system which is unsustainable and no longer fit for the purpose of creating a civilized society.

In short, the central value in today’s world is money. Instead of money being at the service of human beings, we find the reverse. Every human being is valued in terms of what they can produce and what they can consume. This leads to all the evils the world suffers today: climate change and environmental catastrophe; the inability to control pandemics; growing poverty and the increasing number of billionaires; extreme militarism and their ultimate evil, nuclear weapons; violence against women and children in multiple forms… The list goes on and on.

We also find that the discipline of Journalism is today in crisis. The most influential mainstream media are either owned by the governments of nation states or billionaires, both of which have with their own interests at heart and care little for the wellbeing of the people. Thus they have become the mouthpiece for the elites, and their manipulation of public opinion creates consent for all kinds of evil; from wars, to poverty, to migrants dying in the seas and on land, to environmental destruction and global heating. And journalists who frequently pursue their vocation in order to change the world, end up supporting the very system they oppose in order to make a living.

What you can expect as a student

Pressenza is opening up the possibility for students to gain professional practice in nonviolent journalism.  Over a period of 3 months, students will take part in training sessions, seminars and workshops on the philosophy of universalist humanism, on which nonviolent journalism has been designed, and in the tools and principles of nonviolent journalism itself.

Furthermore, each student will be assigned a mentor from among the Pressenza editors whose interests and language spoken will reflect those of the student.  Pressenza mentors will enable the students to develop their own media productuctions in line with Pressenza’s editorial line. Students’ work will be published on Pressenza’s website and relevant social media channels with full credit to them. Students will be encouraged to bring their creativity and their own initiatives, and Pressenza will help those students to develop themselves and to gain experience reporting on issues of interest to them; something which their future employers may be unwilling or unable to do.

Following a successfully completed period of 3 months, Pressenza will be happy to write letters of recommendation to any future employer based on the work done.  Furthermore, we will encourage those students who are inspired by the way Pressenza works to join our team of editors and help us to grow the agency even further.

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