Work with us

Pressenza is a team of volunteers.  No one gets paid for the time they dedicate to this project.  Our reward is the pleasure we get from disseminating important information and opinions that can change the world.

We are always looking for new friends to join our team.  The skills we are looking for are: people who can write news articles, photographers, video makers, translators and IT specialists, especially in the field of WordPress.

Can you help us?  These are the skills we urgently seek:

WordPress Developer

Here at Pressenza we have an exciting opportunity for any WordPress developers motivated by the permanent publication of news for peace, nonviolence, humanism and diversity.

We are currently looking for talented individuals who can help us with the development and maintenance of the website.

Responsibilities involve: the planning and installation of new releases and plugins, resolution of bugs, involvement in the definition and development of new functionality, support during software testing.

Technical skills (if possibile): LAMP (we have a dedicated server), WordPress core & architecture, WPML multilanguage plugin.

You would be working in a virtual team of volunteers who meet on line when necessary.  Most of the time there is nothing to do, but usually with every new release of WP there is something that needs attention.  Your support during times of upgrades will be crucial.  Knowledge of English would be helpful.  The time required is as low as 2 hours a month depending on how much time you have available.

Remuneration: None.  Pressenza is a volunteer based organisation in which no one receives any money for the time they invest in the project.  It is this financial autonomy which allows us to keep our editorial line and we defend it proudly.  The reward for working in Pressenza is the knowledge that you are part of an international team striving to change the world through the publication of relevant information, and the undying gratitude of our News Editors.