Pressenza Media Sponsor of the 3rd World March Peace and Nonviolence

Pressenza, initially established as the media agency for the first World March for Peace and Nonviolence in 2009, boasts an incredible foundation. We were conceived amidst the wave of peace, embracing a multilingual, multicultural, and multicontinental approach to multimedia publishing. Every day, we strive to deliver photos, videos, grassroots reportage, interviews, and panel discussions, regardless of the weather, operating 24/7 from east to west, north to south. Today, we continue this mission with even more languages, broader coverage, and enhanced experience.

We are immensely proud to announce our role as the Media Sponsor for the 3rd World March, and we will be actively participating in its launch in Costa Rica on October 2nd, 2024, accompanying the march until its conclusion in 2025.

Fourteen years ago, the concepts of Peace and Nonviolence were already recognized as crucial solutions for shaping a better future for humanity. Today, their significance has only heightened, as the urgency of our global crises makes them the imperative and perhaps sole means to redirect our world.

We extend our warm welcome to all those contributing to this paramount endeavor: organizers, volunteers, artists, participants, institutions, political figures, and social movements. Pressenza is honored to amplify the voices and actions of these individuals. This initiative stands as one of the most humanizing actions of our time. As our humanity transforms, we advocate for Peace and Nonviolence to be integral parts of this evolution.