Spanish state police forces burst in with violence first thing this morning, but the popular wave is very large and multi-centred. There is a disparity of situations, in many places the atmosphere is festive while in others there are police charges.

During the course of the day, various strategies are planned both by the police, and by citizens organized on the basis of nonviolence.

Information is circulating through social networks that the police and the Guardia Civil will leave at noon to collect ballots and votes. They will go into polling stations without identifying themselves in order to arrive at the table without problems and then identify the officials and take the ballot boxes. This is very important because it’s not the same thing that the police aren’t allowed to come in, or that they take possession. So there will be two groups: one outside so that they don’t come in and another inside near the table and the ballot boxes so that the police can’t control them at any time.

The Regional Government has announced an important change in the logistics of the 1st of October referendum which means that the 5.3 million Catalans will be able to vote in any school in their area through a universal census.

Urgent: Repression by Spanish police in Ramón Llul de Diagonal.

#CatalanReferendum | Citizens allow senior citizens to vote first in the Catalan independence referendum.