At the beginning everything went peacefully. Despite the rain, many people were waiting in front of polling stations at schools since the early morning. General suffrage was announced this morning by the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs. This will allow all citizens to vote, even if their polling stations cannot open.

A special system ensures that you can only vote once. Additionally, an expert commission is monitoring the election process. It wasn’t possible to reprint sufficient envelopes but a secret ballot is guaranteed.

Mossos (Mossos d’ Esquadra the Catalan police) registered a few election workers but then left. Later on, Guardia Civil, paramilitary police forces sent by the Spanish central government, began to storm polling stations. More and more people are coming to the polling stations and trying to prevent the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional from entering, shouting: “Votarem!” “No passaran! (“We will vote!” “You shall not pass!”).