Berlusconi faces bribery, sex crime hearings

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi faces trial hearings for bribery and for paying for sex with a 17-year-old girl on Monday, as the Italian leader fights off growing unpopularity and financial woes. Berlusconi, 74, is a defendant in three ongoing trials but is only due to attend the corruption hearing in which he stands accused of paying a bribe to his former British lawyer. »


Obama welcomes Dalai Lama, to China’s anger

Brushing off protests from China, Barack Obama welcomed the Dalai Lama to the White House, urging respect for human rights and cultural traditions in Tibet. China immediately lodged a protest and accused Obama of undermining relations between the world's two largest economies by meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader, who has spent more than a half-century in exile. »


Israel’s great “Camp Out” rent protest attracts hundreds

Echoing the recent protests in Egypt and Spain, it is the turn of Israeli youth to take to the streets and start camping to draw attention to the excessive cost of rents in Tel Aviv and other major population centres of the territory. An emergency session of the Israeli Cabinet is convened to try to deal with the situation. »


Israelis build tent town to protest high rents

The Israeli government is under heat now also from citizens who are normally indifferent to its immoral conduct. After a successful boycott of cottage cheese that forced the producer to put down the prices, hundreds of Israelis are now taking to the streets in protest of lack of affordable housing, building a tent town on Tel Aviv's fashionable Rothschild Boulevard. »


Tomás Hirsch ridicules after police repression: “Those who want more freedom are violent, terrorists and dangerous”

The ex-presidential candidate for the Humanist Party, Tomás Hirsch, confirmed, on Friday, his participation in an activity at the University of Santiago (USACH) where, following the harsh intervention of police officers in the march for education, the authorities are attempting to confuse public opinion by criminalising the student movement. »


Chinese Communist Party On to New Pastures at 90

When you don't acknowledge China's stupendous achievements, what you find is a country that has little to show and still far to go. When you don't see the political foundations of economic policies that freed the vast majority of dirt poor and backward Chinese from awesome feudal inequalities, it is taken to be the success of capitalist impulses alone. »


Fighting privatization of education: Thousands of students march against for-profit education model.

Over 100,000 high school and university students and teachers have been protesting throughout Chile since mid-June demanding reforms to the country’s education system. To calm the demonstrations, President Sebastián Piñera announced on July 5 a US$4 billion-plan, financed using income from the copper mining industry that, he says, will make schools more efficient. »


British neoliberal institute advocates privatisation of one of the best public health providers in the world

The National Health Service (NHS) was born after World War 2. Since then British people have been able to rely on a high quality, free at the point of delivery and paid for by taxes, health provider. Successive governments, starting with Margaret Thatcher's have been trying to introduce market policies and privatisation into it. »


Democracy is not a Religion

I'm sure you have heard this comment many times, "I'm not voting because I don't believe that my vote is changing anything". Even though I understand where this thinking| comes from, it doesn’t work like that. The democratic system has a particular way of working, just like any other system. This is not a question of belief and it is not about liking something either. »


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. under investigation (and the dirt keeps on coming)

It started with the News of the World's royal editor and a private investigator who intercepted voice mail messages left for members of the royal household. Both men were jailed in 2007. Illegal voice mail interceptions apparently continued, implicating other journalists and staff. Now James Murdoch, Rupert’s son has closed the newspaper. »


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