Justice for Thomas Sankara, Justice for Africa

We publish here the call from burkinabé civil society in order to finally let everyone know the truth regarding the death of Thomas Sankara, President of the republic of Burkina Faso, killed during during a coup d'Etat. Sankara was one of the great presidents who pushed social reforms at the african independence epoch. »


Occupy Toronto firefighters protect aboriginal sacred fire

On Monday morning 3h30 am, the Toronto firefighters were called on Occupy Toronto site the St James Park and took a look at the small fire. The firefighters spoke to the people responsible for it, and decided not to extinguish it because it was considered a sacred fire and is being tended to by aboriginals around the clock. »


Tahrir boat activists bumped back to Canada by blockade!

Pressenza spoke with Ehad Lotayef who was deported yesteday from an Israeli detention center to Canada. Lotayef was arrested with David Heap on the Canadian ship «Tahrir» on Friday November 4th. The Israeli navy intercepted the ship about 35 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip in International waters. The Tahrir was part of a flottila to Gaza with the Irish Saoirse vessel. »


Three news websites hacked, newspaper publisher bombed

Reporters Without Borders unreservedly condemns such acts of violence accompanied by incitement to hatred and violence, and hopes there will soon be results from the investigations into these incidents, which do not bode well for the free circulation of ideas and opinions. Article by Benoît Hervieu, form the Americas desk »


Occupy Harvard

The students and members from different faculties currently protest at Havard investment policies and the polarizations perceived by the student in the economic courses. According to students there is some lack in the policy proposals from the countries political leaders, democracy is ill. On November 10, students gather and start the occupy movement in the Harvard Yard. »


Women’s mass protests during the Syrian Revolution: A preliminary analysis

Women began protesting in large groups of women in late March However, because women were not seen street-protesting in the first few electrifying days of massive protests especially in Dara March 18-24, the Syrian revolution was early typified by the viewer reaction, “Where are the women?” This characterization of women’s absence deserves to be overturned, however. »


Italian Financial Crisis Prompts Berlusconi’s Exit, Escalates Fears of Europe’s Next Massive Bailout

The European financial crisis continues to worsen as fears grow that Italy may become the latest nation in need of a massive bailout. The European Commission admitted that the entire eurozone could be plunged into a recession in 2012. While Greece, Ireland and Portugal have already received international bailouts, the debt situation in Italy is considered far more dangerous. »


Listen to the next generation of Jews

The Jewish New Year has just ended and taking that opportunity to reach out to anyone who would listen, but particularly the Jewish world community, Rabbi Brant Rosen of the USA asks: “Is the Jewish establishment really able to listen to the next generation of Jews? He brings people’s attention back to what took place almost one year ago in New Orleans. »


How to discourage UK students from protesting against trebling of tuition fees

Police send warning letters to students arrested (but not necessarily convicted) during previous demonstrations, announce publicly “pre-approved” use of baton rounds and rubber bullets, warn teachers not to allow schoolchildren to leave the classroom to attend the demo and turn up in huge numbers to the November 9th students demonstration in Central London. »


Nonviolent protesters arrested in Jeju Island (South Korea) for opposing Naval Base

We reproduce here some background information about the campaign to prevent a Naval Base (considered to be part of the US "Star Wars" antibalistic misile system) to be constructed in Jeju Island. In the last few hours a group of the most central activists have been arrested. Some are facing very significant jail terms as they are already on probation. »


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