As the day of the referendum advances in Catalonia, the state police contingent is intensifying its repression.

Tear gas, rubber bullets, very strong aggression against young, old and even the injured who are hit again. The state police attack with excessive brutality.  Faced with such a situation, the massive rebellion experienced by Catalonia has reached the autonomous police, the Mossos d’ Escuadra have come to directly confront the bodies of the National Police and Civil Guard on a mission for the Spanish state.

Simultaneously with the violence, in the city’s epicentre, a massive gathering has begun in Plaza Cataluña bringing together thousands of people.  Improvised gatherings with flags, songs and the most repeated slogans “Votarem” (we will vote) 0 “ni un pas enrere” (not one step backwards) are being reproduced in several places.  The professional football league match in the Camp Nou stadium is being played behind closed doors, so that also FC Barcelona has joined the disobedience, which extends to society as a whole.

“State police fight the local police.  SHAME!!! The PP (People’s Party) humilliates Catalonia! #RajoyFired #CatalanReferendum #1Oct”

Emotional reaction of the local Catalan police.

#CatalanReferendum Local police position themselves in tears in front of demonstrators protecting the entrand to a school.

Beating an injured person walking to an ambulance.

17:40. Barcelona. Thousands of people remain in the street wanting to vote.  Meanwhile, the police attack them. #CatalanReferendum

If with this you continue to not see that Catalonia is already a different country, you’re blind. #1Oct2017 #Catalan Referendum #Democracy