Rioters, protesters and terrorists. Semantic violence at its most provocative

We are used to working out in our minds which side is speaking when politicians or the media talk about "guerrillas" or "freedom fighters". The simplicity of the bipolar Cold War is no more. A study carried out by the Guardian and the LSE showed that in some cases the recent UK riots was a protest of sorts, whilst the police qualify the Occupy protesters as terrorists. »


A new Israeli airstrike kills two Palestinian and injured two others in Gaza

At least two Palestinian were killed and two others were wounded in a new airstrike on the central of Gaza Strip on Thursday, Local sources said. Gaza emergency and ambulance services official Adham Abu Salmiya said that two people were killed and two others were injured in a new Israeli airstrike which targeted a car in Omar Al-mokhtar Street in the middle of Gaza City. »


Israeli airstrikes kill one Palestinian and injured five in Gaza

One Palestinian was killed and three others were wounded in an Israeli bombing raid on last Wednesday targeting a home east of Shijaiyeh in Gaza City. This attack was followed by an airstrike on an open area in Zaiton, located at the South of the Gaza city. The airstrike injured tow fighters of Islamic Jihad Movement. »


New Brand of Slavery Surfaces in America

We are all familiar with the proverb: **Not all that glitters is gold.** The Romans had a saying which ran as follows: **Aliud est theoria, aliud est practica** – **One thing is theory, another thing is practice.** »


Mr. Ban Has a Dream: That Big Business Will Fight Against Modern Slavery!

Everybody is entitled to have dreams and anyway every one has, maybe some people more than others. The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon appears to be very active in this field—he now pretends that big corporations, banks and eventually all the private sector everywhere, to be more active in combating modern forms of slavery! »


Message from inside Syria

"If we, as human beings, do not elevate ourselves in a balanced way that combines materialism and spirituality, then we will not be able to evolve spiritually nor materialistically in order for us to exist and feel that our presence is fulfilled, as well as us feeling fulfilled with the presence of everyone, with God." »


UN to Rich Countries: Halt Austerity, Avoid Deep Recession

New York –The world risks falling back into recession if developed countries embark prematurely on fiscal austerity measures, according to a UN report, which recommends additional stimulus measures as well as more forceful international coordination to stimulate job creation and investment. »


Non violence has strong odds in Syria

While the Islamic nonviolence movement is not monochromatic, among its varieties is a belief that Syria needs a civil state to protect religious and ethnic pluralism, maintain completely equal human rights for every single person without regard to their religious belief or lack thereof; protect individual freedoms, and make government accountable, with checks on its power. »


Israeli Forces Detain Ten Fishermen off Gaza Coast

The Israeli naval forces arrested on Tuesday ten fishermen while they were fishing off the cost of Gaza Strip and took them to an unknown destination, local source told Pressenza. The source said that Israeli naval vessels surrounded two fishing boats in the middle of Gaza shores and detained ten fishermen while they were working. »


US Senate debating law to censor Internet, effectively, at world level. Avaaz Campaign.

Unlike Internet censorship in China or Iran - which the US denounces vociferously - the fact that the US is such a hub of servers for the whole world means that any censorship to its cyberspace has worldwide repercussions. We report here on a campaign by Avaaz to resist new censorship legislation at present being debated in the Senate. »


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