Medvedev: START-III is the Cornerstone of World Security

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says he believes the Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START-III) will be the cornerstone of the world's security for the next decade. "I also think that U.S. President, Barack Obama, did a good job when accomplishing the ratification of the START-III in the Senate," Medvedev said at a Friday press conference. »


Assange Remains Jailed Pending Bail Appeal

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains in a London jail after Swedish officials challenged a British court decision to release him on bail. Julian Assange has been detained since last week, when he was arrested in London, United Kingdom, on an international warrant to face supposed sexual crime allegations in Sweden. »


Cancun, Climate Change and WikiLeaks

Critical negotiations are under way here in Cancun, under the auspices of the United Nations, to reverse human-induced global warming. This is the first major meeting since the failed Copenhagen summit last year, and it is happening at the end of the hottest decade on record. While the stakes are high, expectations are low, ... read more. »


Avaaz campaign for WikiLeaks

The massive campaign of intimidation against WikiLeaks is sending a chill through free press advocates everywhere. Legal experts say WikiLeaks has likely broken no laws. Yet top US politicians have called it a terrorist group and commentators have urged assassination of its staff. Avaaz is organizing a massive campaign to defend Wikileaks. »


Humanists in Nepal demonstrate on World Unity Day

"World Unity Day", 29 November 2010, was celebrated in Kathamandu’s Kevre District, in Panauti, where the call went out to the city's population drawing attention to the need for unity wherever in the world. The slogan: "We wish Peace Force and Joy to all on this day calling for unity among people." Flags, banners, and lots of school age children made the event very lively. »


WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Secret U.S. Diplomatic Cables

The United States is facing a diplomatic crisis as the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has begun releasing today over 250,000 secret diplomatic cables. The cables have already proved embarrassing to numerous world leaders. The cables show the Saudi king Abdullah has repeatedly urged the United States of America to attack Iran. »


Vote Rigging Allegations Mar Haiti Election

In Haiti, Sunday’s presidential election was marred by widespread reports of voting fraud and chaos. Twelve of Haiti’s 19 presidential candidates have called for peaceful protests against what they described as *"massive fraud."* The candidates accused Haitian President Rene Preval of trying to steal the election and install his chosen candidate, Jude Celestin. »


Current situation and trends acting in the Americas

In a group studying the present moment, made up with O. Cevey, J.J. Coscarelli, D. Ergas, J.G. Feres, P. Figueroa, T. Hirsch, M. Icarte, A. Koryzma, F. Palumbo, V. Piccininni and J. Vergara an attempt has been made to understand the current state of our American continent, without attempting to arrive at a conclusive view. We thought it interesting to publish it anyway. »


World braces for WikiLeaks flood of US cables

The whistle-blower website WikiLeaks was reportedly hours away from releasing millions of confidential US diplomatic cables on Sunday as governments braced for the potential fallout. Top US officials have raced to contain the damage in recent days by warning foreign ministries in more than a dozen countries, including key allies Australia, Britain, Canada, Israel and Turkey. »


“Deportation initiative” approved in Switzerland

The initiative that demanded the "deportation of foreign criminals" was approved in a national popular referendum this Sunday, 28th of November, with 52.9% of the votes (participation in the referendum was 53.05%). According to the new constitutional article, foreigners who are "criminals" have to be deported and are banned from entering Switzerland for 5 - 15 years. »


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