Bradley Manning and the Fog of War

Accused whistle-blower Pvt. Bradley Manning turned 24 Saturday. He spent his birthday in a pretrial military hearing that could ultimately lead to a sentence of life … or death. Manning stands accused of causing the largest leak of government secrets in United States history. More on Manning shortly. First, a reminder of what he is accused of leaking. »


After completing the swap deal, Israel takes revenge by escalating its procedures against the Palestinian prisoners

After days of completing the prisoners swap deal between Hamas Movement and Israel resulting the release of 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the Israeli soldier Gila'ad Shalit, Israel has begun a new escalation against the Palestinian detainees in a clear violation of their basic rights and an attempt to begin a new system purposes to increase prisoners' suffering. »


U.S. Military Discards Trove of Documents on 2005 Haditha Massacre of Iraquis

The documents were found among scores of other classified material at a junkyard outside Baghdad as an attendant used them as fuel to cook his dinner See video: [http://www.nationofchange.org/us-military-discards-trove-documents-2005-haditha-massacre-iraqis-1324477793](http://www.nationofchange.org/us-military-discards-trove-documents-2005-haditha-massacre-iraqis-1324477793) »


Annual overview – The 10 most dangerous places for journalists in 2011

2011 in figures: 66 journalists killed (16% more than in 2010), 1,044 journalists arrested, 1,959 journalists physically attacked or threatened, 499 media censored, 71 journalists kidnapped, 73 journalists fled their country, 5 netizens killed, 199 bloggers and netizens arrested, 62 bloggers and netizens physically attacked, 68 countries subject to Internet censorship »


Legal proceedings to evict the Occupy London Stock Exchange and Bank of Ideas begin with a public (well, almost) hearing

A tiny courtroom was yesterday the scene of the first of a four day hearing to decide if the City of London can evict the Occupy LSX campsite by St Paul’s Cathedral. At the same time a breather was given to the protesters as the Judge dealing with UBS (which used to mean Union Bank of Switzerland) request to vacate the Bank of Ideas postponed the case till January. »


Rutte hails Havel as one of the world’s great men

The world will remember Mr. Vaclav Havel as a great man who took several personal great risks to improve the situation in his country, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Sunday, the day that the Czech playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and politician died died in his sleep at dawn after a lengthy illness, at the age of 75. »


Celebrations in Gaza and West Bank for completing the Swap Deal and releasing 1027 Palestinians

With celebrations and tears of joy, the Palestinian prisoners reunited with their families and friends on Sunday in Gaza and West Bank. Thousands of Palestinians gathered outside the Palestinian Presidential compound in Ramallah in order to welcome the 509 released Palestinian prisoners and celebrate the great moment. »


Israel places floats at 3 miles from Gaza seashore to build a new border and tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip

In a new attempt to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Occupation Forces have imposed a sea border at 3 nautical miles away from Gaza's seashore by placing large floats with big lights signs in order to restrict fishermen's work and ban them from crossing this border as well as imposing a new buffer zone similar to the one along Gaza's eastern and northern border »


Why Didn’t the Secularists Do Better in the Egyptian Election?

Despite predictions that liberal, leftist and secular forces would be the main rivals to the FJP (Freedom and Justice Party), a combination of factors led to a disappointing performance. »


Morocco’s Islamist Ruling Party

Cairo – Morocco’s legislative elections, that took place a year early following constitutional changes as part of the kingdom’s response to the Arab Spring, resulted in a triumphant victory for the Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD). It gained 107 of 395 seats, just over 27%, making it by far the largest party in parliament. »


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