By Petur Gudjonsson

Some time ago we wrote about the difference between the new and the old mental landscape, also suggesting that the old landscape is on its way out, or if you like; that the system that we know, is about to fall. (Pressenza 29.12)

This process is probably more advanced now in Chile than in other countries, that is, the new landscape is clearly manifesting itself there.

However, there are many that state that this is going to be a very difficult task because the old guard is not going to give up just like that.

They have the money, the institutions, the army etc. Yes, it looks difficult to foresee it falling soon. However, if we look at recent history, we can see that when people lost faith in the System, nothing could stop a cohesive uprising, like when the Soviet Union and the eastern European block fell. Just a few months before that happened, they were a dominant power. It was far from anyone´s imagination that this giant would dissolve just like that, back there in 1989.

The reasons for stating that the system could fall in Chile and in other countries soon are quite simple. First of all, it is because people have lost faith in the system. Secondly, because the system is shown as being inefficient and incapable of solving urgent problems like the global threats because of climate change. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, when the new landscape is moving like it’s doing right now in Chile, we find a completely different force that is moving the change, like another dimension that’s “helping” the process of liberation. (Pressenza 11/12.2019)

All over the world people have lost faith in politics, in the judicial system and in other institutions. It is probably rather difficult to govern when you know that less then 10 percent of your people support you. After a while these numbers will get even lower and those that are next to you will soon try and abandon the ship if they can.

The collapse of the system will happen everywhere soon. When the change is about to happen, most people will welcome it.

There will be, however, a large amount of true Mammonites who will suffer an existential crises like what happens when people lose their religion or a strong belief. Yet, they will survive, after all it is just a belief, this thing of putting money above everything else. It is just a belief, it is not reality, and they can live perfectly well without it.

Regarding the front line defenders of the system, the police and the military, they will be able to repress only for so long. At some point they, the oppressors, will join the protests because it will become difficult for them to repress when their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are in the group of protesters so they will just take off their gear, become human and join.

Another important reason for why the system will break down is simple: It is incapable of solving extremely urgent matters like the climate change. Part of the climate solution requires giving up a lot of things. Also, thinking in long terms and not just about the next six months.

It is unlikely, almost impossible, to solve these urgent problems within the system, the foundation of which is the old landscape.

Thus, the young generation sees that their future is rather bleak, even threatening. So, they are starting to protest all over the world because they feel that their own planet can turn out to be not that workable when they get to be a little bit older. They feel and rightly so that those of the old landscape don’t really care about solving these problems, let alone being concerned about them or future generations.

Many scientists proclaim that we have at best 8-10 years to fix things regarding the global warming so we have to act fast and drastic. If not, the climatic change will be unstoppable.

This means that the system will have to fall before that time, most likely in 3 to 5 years because it will take time to make drastic changes in order to make life liveable on this planet.

People also realize that this system, this old landscape, is very dangerous.

It is based in violence. It continues to consider it being “normal” to throw bombs on people’s heads. Or, that it is fine to have an arms industry and that not only in the U.S and in Russia but even in peaceful countries like Sweden. Wars are a good business for the arms producers…

Of course the biggest threat is with all these nuclear weapons that are overflowing in the world.

The above reasons are very strong but they are perhaps not sufficient for the System to fall, partly because the rulers are not about to let go. And the people may not have the endurance necessary not to stop until it falls.

The old landscape is on the way out, and those that control the system will lose because they are fighting against an indestructible force. What is behind the positive process in Chile is this invincible force that came into effect a few months ago and is still there.

It seems, that this “other dimension” is something very human, very strong yet gentle. All of us have had at some point the experience of it, like when all of a sudden we felt as if we were being a part of something, of everything.

If many people sense this dimension then they feel supported and they feel in fact unconquerable. Furthermore, they don’t need to answer violence with violence, because they feel there is a force that is much stronger and they move on with absolute conviction.

It seems that the potential of that profound change, of a new landscape, is at the door steps of every country. Initially, people are protesting against something concrete or because they want something concrete, but perhaps this change is not just about solving urgent problems.

Problems like those relating to social injustice, economic inequalities, the environment or getting rid of weapons of massive destruction.

Perhaps this change has more to do with something much bigger, something about the human being elevating itself to another level. Or putting it differently, we are here dealing with something essential that is behind the human process,

It has been there from the beginning and it is now expressing itself, giving possibilities of going to a different level. If that is so, there is no way of stopping it, any resistance would be a waste of time and energy.

One could ask if this force, this other dimension, has manifested itself before. It undoubtedly has done so, but it has always been with the banner of non-violence. When some have said throughout history that God or Allah or the spirits were on their side when they were about to slaughter people, that was not a manifestation of this other dimension. On the contrary, it was an indication of a very low level of functioning that is possible within every human being but that has nothing to do with an evolutionary step, nothing to do with this other dimension.

Perhaps in India in the initial struggle for independence, where Gandhi led his people in a non-violent way to oust the British, this was indeed is a manifestation of this other dimension.

The violence that occurred immediately after Independence during the civil war is something that can happen anywhere if there is not the awareness of what is behind this process of liberation, knowing where it is coming from and where it is going.

There have been many attempts throughout history to bring about a different world. Along the human road of evolution we see extremely positive advancements that were left behind. It seems, however, that none of these endeavours have really turned into what the other dimension “wants” or intents, and that is a real human world: Where we put as a priority being awake and feeling like being an integral part of the human body. And yes, without fear of the final step, being able to see and be certain of continuation that is, being immortal.

If people who are in the midst of a new landscape tune in with the other dimension then they become absolutely invincible. If they don’t do that, well, the system will continue. Either the old landscape gets replaced by the new one or the old remains. If this tuning in with the other dimension does not happen then unfortunately the positive effects will not last very long.

In other words, the system will not fall automatically. There is no such thing as having the other dimension” making sure” that it disintegrates. It seems that we have to tune in and also to work on our own fear and with that there will be nothing that can stop this positive force of change.

One could ask, and reasonably so, what can be done to ensure the system falling everywhere?

For that change to come about quickly, what is needed is that a great number of people who understand the importance of tuning in with the other dimension will be in every country, in every region, in every city within the next few years. People who will share their knowledge and experiences about the other dimension with others. Then, yes, people will be invincible everywhere and the system will fall smoothly like The Soviet Union and the East European block did in its time.

If we were to go a little deeper and ask what exactly does the other dimension “want”, the best way to get the answer would be to make the actual question and wait for an answer. Perhaps the answer has to do with the fact that it is about time that the human being starts functioning well and stops all the suffering and non-sense. Perhaps it wants us to be what we can be, letting all the barriers down and feel the greatness that is inside each one of us and in us as a whole, as one body, the human body.

It is almost unimaginable what would happen if all suffering would disappear, which it will if we all lose fear of disappearing, the fear of death, understanding that suffering is just an indicator that tells us that we have closed the future. We stop to suffer when we open the future completely.

So, it is a beautiful future to look forward to. That future will happen because the old landscape will not be interfering with that vision, as it will dissolve soon.