Here we present a summary of Gudjonsson’s book “What Really Matters”, which Spanish edition will be launched on February in Colombia and the Portuguese one on March in Mozambique.

*It is really quite simple: That we, humans, are „made“ to function well, physically and psychologically.*

*In order to function well psychologically, our future needs to be open. If not, we get a signal that tells us to open it completely. If we don´t, we suffer. If it is open we feel happy, radiant, full of force, with faith in ourselves, others and the future.*

*Everything we do, everything everyone else does is in relation to this trying to keep the future completely open. We just go about it rather inefficiently.*

*This book examines how our lives are „controlled“ by the fear of loosing control, of disappearing forever, which probably prevents us from making a serious effort in opening up our future completely,
so we can function well and efficiently.*

*But it also shows how we can go about this in a more efficient way, starting with the comprehension that everything we do, everything that is in our social surroundings is affected by this fear and our
efforts to overcome it.*

*Then it shows how this can be done efficiently , in different steps, that are the topic of 8 books in this series called „ Open Future“. In this particular book, a couple of useful „tools“ are addressed in a practical way, like how to be able to see reality in a different way depending on where you locate yourself in your own internal space, where from you experience „reality“. Also, getting to know and have the experience of the best part of us, something that is closer to what we really are, our Internal Guide. And it shows how our relations with this part of us will help us achieve what deep down we have always been searching for which is to have an unlimited future and to live a life without any fears*.

Petur Gudjonsson’s next two books, *”Moving on”* and *”Really?”* will be presented in Island on next January and February.

Many people wonder what they should do with their lives, how
they can set a steady course in these turbulent times.

*“So, what do you want to do with your life? Who or what is going
to tell you what to do? A book, a friend, someone wise? The best
source is to be found in your own life experience”.*

And the reader is told that *„This book deals with things you
already know. Deep down inside”*.

This book helps us recapture those moments when we knew
what to do. Helps us get back on the road of a meaningful life.

It shows us clearly why our life and that of others is the way it is,
why the world is like it is.

It also shows us what to do so that our life can be what we want
it to be, so the world will be what we have always dreamed of.

Petur Gudjonsson, an Icelandic citizen, has dedicated most of
his life trying to make a small contribution to making our world
a little more human. And tried to help others improve their own
lives. His efforts are based on his own search, life experiences and
acquired knowledge.

For that end he has helped organize movements for non-violence, educational and health projects in many countries, always within the realm of the Humanist Movement in which he has participated for many

His 6 previous books have been published in various languages.
This current book is the first in a new series, the objective of which is to help us be able to experience a completely open future and a life without any fears.

In the end of this book he thanks Silo ( 1938-2010), the founder of
the New Universal Humanism, probably the greatest thinker
of the 20th century, for his ideas and methods..Then he
concludes, *“…But my deepest gratitude goes to the guiding
force behind this work, which is the profound part that resides
within each one of us”*.