France’s occupy movement fails to attract the crowds

In the middle of Argentina 3.000 people gathered, at the summit of a lost mountain. Summoned by three local gurus, the flock anxiously awaited for the miraculous hour, 11:11 of the 11th date of the 11th month of year 2011, the moment when the 11th portal of cosmic energy would open. It is a new beginning, so they claim. »


UNESCO Halts Education, Fight Against Extremism Activities As U.S. Withholds Its Dues

Paris – The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will temporarily halt some activities owing to the $65 million budget shortfall resulting from the U.S. decision to withhold its dues. »


Europe – The Vicious Circle of Paying Debts With More Debts

With two years of failed plans, pseudo-plans and announcements of plans, Europe has acquired a huge pile of debt and a decade of agony. »


The Empire Strikes Back. Moves to evict #Occupations begin in several countries

New York, London, Zurich… Not a glamorous multinational but a seemingly coordinated action to evict protesters from campsites. “Health and Safety” reasons. Too many “vulnerable” people. Concerns from local businesses. Public Highway legislation… Why is it not spelt out? Occupations are drawing undue attention to the corrupt and dehumanising practices of the Financial Sector. »


Forced closure of the Occupy Camp in Zurich, Switzerland

As in hundreds of cities worldwide, the "Occupy Movement" consisting of mostly young people, started its activity on the 15th October with a manifestation on Paradeplatz, the financial center of Zurich, where the two biggest banks of Switzerland (UBS and Credit Suisse) have their headquarters. On that day, around 1.000 people participated. »


Italian Financial Crisis Prompts Berlusconi’s Exit, Escalates Fears of Europe’s Next Massive Bailout

The European financial crisis continues to worsen as fears grow that Italy may become the latest nation in need of a massive bailout. The European Commission admitted that the entire eurozone could be plunged into a recession in 2012. While Greece, Ireland and Portugal have already received international bailouts, the debt situation in Italy is considered far more dangerous. »


Palestine Becomes a UNESCO Full Member Despite U.S. Threat to Cut off Funding

Paris –The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today Octobre 31, 2011 voted to admit Palestine as a full member of the Paris-based agency. UNESCO’s General Conference, the agency’s highest ruling body, took the decision by a vote of 107 in favour to 14 against, with 52 abstentions, according to a news release. »


How to discourage UK students from protesting against trebling of tuition fees

Police send warning letters to students arrested (but not necessarily convicted) during previous demonstrations, announce publicly “pre-approved” use of baton rounds and rubber bullets, warn teachers not to allow schoolchildren to leave the classroom to attend the demo and turn up in huge numbers to the November 9th students demonstration in Central London. »


China Spells Out a Global Recovery Plan

Among countries that have moved from the periphery to the core, China has acquired a place of pride in a world that is no longer steered by the industrialized states of yesteryear. President Hu Jintao surfaced from the G20 summit in Cannes, as sagacious leader of a country whose ascent to the status of a new superpower was speeded up after the financial crisis in 2008. »


The G20, the Eurozone and the Robin Hood Tax

We reproduce here a report from the [Robin Hood Tax]( campaign website in relation to the meeting of the G20. Who supports it, who will try to block it and how it could help the Eurozone emerge from its current crisis. As even some bankers are now talking about being responsible, the momentum for this tax keeps growing. »


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