Redefining cash-free shopping in Berlin

11.03.2017 - Berlin, Germany - Deutsche Welle

Redefining cash-free shopping in Berlin
(Image by Deutsche Welle)

Have you ever thought of shunning the consumer dream? In Germany, it might not be that difficult. It’s just a matter of finding the right key, as Tamsin Walker found out on a shopping trip with a difference. I’m not a passionate shopper. Don’t like the crowds and rarely find anything that really appeals, but having read about an interesting little place recently, I decided to go and have a look. Except when I got there, it was to find a sign on the spray-painted door stating it would only open “when you ask us for the key at the café or in the office.” With no clear indication as to where either might be, I went up a staircase feeling as though I may be about to pass into some … read more

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