The Palestinian Flag Flies at UNESCO

Paris – The Palestinian flag was raised for the first time at the Paris headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the agency marked Palestine’s admission as a full member. »


Arab Spring, the Year the Idea of Power Shifted

Geneva – “In 2011, the very idea of ‘power’ shifted,” High Commissioner for Human Rights said on the occasion of this year’s Human Rights Day on December 10. “We know there is still too much repression in our world, still too much impunity, still too many people for whom rights are not yet a reality,” Navi Pillay said. »


Rioters, protesters and terrorists. Semantic violence at its most provocative

We are used to working out in our minds which side is speaking when politicians or the media talk about "guerrillas" or "freedom fighters". The simplicity of the bipolar Cold War is no more. A study carried out by the Guardian and the LSE showed that in some cases the recent UK riots was a protest of sorts, whilst the police qualify the Occupy protesters as terrorists. »


They, The Peoples

They are more than 370 million, that’s 120 per cent of U.S. population; they speak 4.000 of 7,000 languages spoken today all over the world; they contribute extensibly to Humanity’s cultural diversity, and they know more than any body else on Earth how to preserve water, land, biodiversity, and the whole cycle of life. »


Britain heading for another recession but £2 billion for nuclear weapons, in spite of pledge to wait till the next election

According to the [Nuclear Information Service]( the Ministry of Defence has pledged at least £2 billion of spending on new developments at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), according to new information released in response to a Parliamentary Question from Caroline Lucas MP. »


Occupy London calls for an end to tax havens, for lobbying transparency and personal accountability for executives

Press Release Posted on November 28, 2011 by OccupyLSX (Occupy the London Stock Exchange). Initial statement of Corporations Policy Group ratified by Occupy London’s General Assembly. Occupy London asks corporations to engage in dialogue working together to create a socially responsible and sustainable economic system. »


NO WAR in Syria – Urgent Appeal to Stop Foreign Military Intervention and to restore human rights and respect for legality

We, the undersigned non-governmental, human rights, and humanitarian organizations, urge you to mobilize the United Nations and the international community to take immediate action to halt any foreign military intervention against Syria, and instead, to act in good faith for a true mediation. Time is of the essence. »


Of Dr. Strangelove and the Risk of Using Atomic Bombs

Berlin – In a situation reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’, none of the nuclear weapon states is actively contemplating a future without nukes. On the contrary, the potential for using dreadful atomic arsenal is growing, says a [new report.]( »


The City versus the tented city of Occupy London – trial date set for 19 December

"While the City focuses on little piece of land, Occupy is concerned with creating a more just society". We publish here a Press Release from Occupy London. Ronan McNern, supporter of Occupy London commented: "This is a positive result for Occupy London. Today the Corporation was trying to push for an unreasonable timeframe for court proceedings." »


France’s occupy movement fails to attract the crowds

In the middle of Argentina 3.000 people gathered, at the summit of a lost mountain. Summoned by three local gurus, the flock anxiously awaited for the miraculous hour, 11:11 of the 11th date of the 11th month of year 2011, the moment when the 11th portal of cosmic energy would open. It is a new beginning, so they claim. »


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