Mundo sem Guerras

Demonstration in repudiation of the conflict in Ukraine

In front of the former National Congress in Santiago, where the Constitutional Convention is currently in session, a demonstration took place yesterday, called by the humanist organisation “World without Wars and without Violence”, in which participated -among others- the recently…

The conflict in Ukraine – a step towards the Apocalypse?

No one knows for sure what the scope and real aims of the current threat of war in Ukraine are. Nor do we know whether it will end in mere idle threats, a show of force on either side, or…

Bloody and violent interventions by the police force in Morocco

In all Morrocan cities against popular demonstrations of the “20th of February Movement… The People want change” which is raising political, economic and social demands.
Plain clothes police supported by other kinds of response and auxiliary forces used batons to disperse demonstrators who were protesting peacefully.

Thank you Egypt!

Mubarak’s resignation marks an extraordinary victory of people: in 18 days of nonviolent mobilization , resisting attacks of all kinds, the Egyptians were able to get rid of a dictator who oppressed them for thirty years!
The courage and perseverance shown by the demonstrators are an example that we hope other peoples will follow.
And not just in the Arab world.

Regarding the events in Egypt

Here we publish complete the Press Release text that the international organization “World Without Wars and Without Violence” communicated today, in reference with the recent facts developed in Egypt.
Such organism, forms part of the Humanism Movement and was the one coordinating the “World March for Peace and Non Violence” that finished on 2010.