World Without Wars and Without Violence A Coruña calls for a rally against the war in Ukraine next Friday, March 3rd, at 8pm at the Obelisk.

We want to express our profound preoccupation about the increase of violence and the escalation of the armed conflict in Ukraine. As human beings, we firmly believe that war can never be a solution to conflicts. There is no justification for the taking of human lives.

As we have already proposed at the 2nd World March for Peace and Nonviolence, we promote Active Nonviolence to become the real force to transform the world, to move from the culture of imposition, violence and war to the culture of peace, dialogue and solidarity in every locality, country and region.

This conflict, moreover, puts us on the brink of a nuclear war, the consequences of which would be devastating for the whole of humanity. We insist that Spain must ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which would eliminate the possibility of planetary catastrophe and free up resources to solve the basic needs of humanity.

We request all governments not to support this war with one euro, one soldier or one rifle, because this choice only serves to make it bloodier, longer, with more deaths and more suffering. We request that no sanctions be adopted that will worsen the lives of populations at any latitude of the planet.

Let us build peace!