In front of the former National Congress in Santiago, where the Constitutional Convention is currently in session, a demonstration took place yesterday, called by the humanist organisation “World without Wars and without Violence”, in which participated -among others- the recently elected deputy Hernán Palma, as well as the spokespersons Wilfredo Alfsen and Juan Gómez.

At the press point they held, they made known their position in relation to militarism and its incidence in the planning and production of wars that do not guarantee peace and security in the world, but rather put them at risk. They pointed out that “armies often attack their own people, as we have seen in different parts of the world, including Chile, supporting coups d’état, and carrying out repression and torture”.

They stated that “the current situation is not a struggle between left and right, between capitalism and socialism, but between humanism and anti-humanism, where everything that puts human beings aside for economic and geopolitical interests is to be condemned”.

With regard to the conflict in Ukraine, the spokespersons added that “the threat of a nuclear war is something really disastrous, because if it happens it would be the end of humanity, because wherever we are, we would be affected by the nuclear winter that would destroy agriculture and livestock all over the world”.

They also called on governments to work together to save the planet, which is seriously threatened by climate change and pandemics, instead of waging wars that only ensure the destruction of humanity.

The demonstration then proceeded to the Plaza de la Constitución, from where the following public statement was read out against the backdrop of the Palacio de la Moneda:


We are the Chilean section of World without Wars and without Violence, an international organisation of the Universalist Humanist Movement, and we have decided to take to the streets this morning to express our most heartfelt repudiation of the conflict that has been unleashed in Ukraine and which has already cost the lives of more than 200 people, including at least 15 children.

We note with horror that once again the rulers of this world have not been able to reach a diplomatic agreement to resolve the conflict, or worse, they have let it arise on the basis of economic or geostrategic interests, which they put above international law, especially humanitarian law.

Faced with this unfortunate reality that is once again casting a shadow over the European continent, we call on the public conscience and the world’s leaders, including the Chilean government, to exert international pressure to bring about an immediate ceasefire between the parties:

  • – An immediate ceasefire by the parties to the conflict.
  • – The withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.
  • – Urgent diplomatic negotiations at all levels in order to achieve a satisfactory settlement of all differences.
  • – Avoidance of arms shipments to the area, which only aggravate and prolong the conflict with the consequent loss of innocent human lives.
  • – Protect the civilian population from ground and aerial bombardment.
  • – To achieve a rapid and expeditious evacuation of citizens without discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin.
  • – Sanctions only harm the innocent Russian people, not their rulers.

It is also urgent that:

  • – Nuclear weapons be removed from European soil, including Russian ones.
  • – Progressive withdrawal of military forces from the continent.
  • – Accession by all countries of the world to the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty leading to their ultimate elimination.

It is essential that:

  • – All the world’s rulers understand once and for all that a new style of international relations is needed based on mutual integration and trust-building as the only way to ensure security and lasting peace throughout the world, and constructive dialogue as a way of resolving conflicts, which is the dynamic of active nonviolence.
  • – Understand also that the whole world must work together to improve the health of our planet, which is hard hit by climate change, and not continue with this dynamic of threats and wars for power and natural resources that only lead to the destruction of humanity.

Nonviolence is the only force capable of saving humanity from degradation. Building a culture of active nonviolence is the position and mission of World without Wars and Violence.

There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.