We note that the Moroccan authorities, have changed their attitude since last Sunday, the 22nd of May, 2011, when they defended all forms of demonstrations by said movement are once again using extreme force, all over the country, to disperse and arrest protesters sometimes even before they have chance to regroup.

Faced with these developments, the 20th of February Movement, at the vanguard of the political path in Morocco, has recently adopted, officially and through coordination throughout the country, have chosen to be peaceful and non-violent for their continued mobilisation until there is a change towards a more democratic Morocco, with human rights, freedom and equality for all her citizens.

The escalation of repression has forced the youth movement to resort to new tactics by gathering in different neighbourhoods with a strong population density, leaving the large squares where it is easy to be dispersed…

Some links to short amateur videos showing intervention by the police force against the “20th of February” demonstrators:





Amateur video showing the protection of police captured by the demonstrators:


**Press release Spokeperson “WwW” Morocco, Elouali KHALIL**