Anna Polo

Impegnata da anni nel campo della pace e della nonviolenza, ha coordinato la commissione dedicata a questo tema nella Regionale Umanista Europea del 2003 (riunione di Praga) e 2004 (riunione di Budapest) e nel Forum Umanista Europeo del 2006 a Lisbona e del 2008 a Milano. Nel 2009 ha fatto parte dell'equipe relazioni della Marcia Mondiale per la Pace e la Nonviolenza. Attualmente partecipa a Mondo senza guerre e senza violenza.


The wind of change blows

The resounding victory of "yes" to the referendum to repeal the privatization of water, the nuclear plants and a shameful law "ad personam" which would allow Berlusconi to not present himself at trials against him under the guise of a "legal impediment" was an act of civil disobedience, which involved 27 million Italians. »


Laws repealed in Italy by referendum on 12-13 June

Here we publish a summary of the measures repealed by great majority during the Italian referendum. Nuclear: The repeal of the rules on nuclear power has prevented the installation of new plants in Italy, preventing a return to a kind of energy that had already been rejected in the referendum of 1987, shortly after the Chernobyl accident. »


The gentle force that changed Milan

The leftist candidate Giuliano Pisapia has won the municipal elections in Milan, ending 18 years of right-wing government. Victory of the left in Naples, Cagliari and other major cities: turned from Berlusconi in a referendum on his person and his government, the elections have shown a clear rejection by the Italians of a policy based on insults, threats and lies. »


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