Without doubt, Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections represents the triumph of anti-humanism in its most racist, xenophobic, fanatical, misogynist and neo-fascist form, compared to Hillary Clinton’s “lite-” version which is respectful of the rights of women and gays but still warmongering and neoliberal nevertheless.

After the initial shock, there will be time for analysis and reflection, above all to understand how it was that millions of people voted for what seemed to be a conservative and hysterical caricature without any possibility of winning. Revolt against the establishment represented to perfection by Hillary Clinton’s arrogance? Hatred towards diversity, searching for a scapegoat, a fear of the future, a visceral and simplistic response when faced with the complex problems of the moment?

We are in the midst of a dark and dangerous period, it’s useless to deny it, but precisely because of this it is fundamental to not lose heart or give in to pessimism. Now more than ever we must give voice and space to all those positive experiences, which are based on solidarity and nonviolence, and which feed the hope that something new and luminous could emerge from this dark moment,. The field of humanism is wide and varied – from pacifist movements to those in the field of the environment, human rights, social justice, the defence of minorities, and so on and so on. To favour a convergence and union between all these tendencies is the fundamental task that we undertake.

Historical and human processes are not linear. So many times it seemed that humanity had lost the thread of its evolution, falling into a profound intolerance and violence, but then the thread was always rediscovered and human beings were once more able to find the way to advance. And even in the darkest moments, like the one we are currently going through, each one of us can become a beacon of light and make a contribution to the accumulation of kindness and compassion that have allowed history to advance and which will give it continuity even after our times.