With a brief ceremony with the Nahual, for the understanding and protection of the attending community, and the opening words of Nelsy Lizarazo, the General Coordinator of the Latin American Campaign fort he Right to Education (CLADE), the XI Regional Assembly will take place virtually this year. Beginning as a process, it was inaugurated on October 12, and will be developed from October 13 Tuesday to October 20, Tuesday, to reach its final conclusions on November 26, 2020.

The complete cycle is counting on the simultaneous translation to Portuguese, English, Creole and also International Sign System. To be able to participate, it is enough to register on this initiative site.

Tarcila Rivera, an indigenous leader from Peru, explained the need for inter-generational dialogue in order to recover the meaning of education. She also said that that women, and especially girls of indigenous origin living in rural contexts, were probably the least advantaged by the methods that have affected education during this pandemic.

It was followed by presentations given by young representatives from the countries participating in the Latin American student meetings, Angélica Hidalit Pedraza Villegas of Mexico and Gonzalo Martínez of Chile, who emphasized their conception of education as a human right.

The conclusions of the Mingas were presented by different voices. Andrés Ramos presented the one on Education in urban-popular communities. Keyla Ceci Aguilar on Education in Afro Communities. Camila Cárdenas for Education in rural communities. Koya Yarina Cabascango regarding Education in indigenous peoples. Jazmine Elena from MELAC concluded with the advances of the systematization of the two meetings already held.

This was followed by the presentation of the symbolic delivery of the post by the students to the young people of Central America who will give continuity to these dialogues.

A beautiful video of a ceremony, loaded with the meanings of ancestral Latin American knowledge, was shown. Then, with the participation of Laura Meyer and Carlos Noveroy, the first day of this process ended. In their farewell speech, they together with Nelsy Lizarazo, invited everyone to participate in the XI Regional Assembly of the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE). It will be held from October 13 to November 26 with the theme “Human Right to Education: Horizons and meanings in the post-pandemic”.