The system is going to fall soon… everywhere. Part 2

25.05.2020 - Reikiavik - Petur Gudjonsson

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The system is going to fall soon… everywhere. Part 2
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What we can do…concretely

A few months ago we wrote an article with the same title as the present one. That was before the Covid-19 virus.

At that time it seemed unreal that this system which at that moment appeared so strong, would be where it is at today.

The system came to a grinding halt. What before was unthinkable is now a stark reality. Aeroplanes have stopped, bustling cities became ghost towns.

Once the virus crisis is over it is not going to be the same world. That is what people say and that is what it will be.

Apparently this system is stronger now than it was a few months ago as can be seen by the popularity of some governments, being higher now than it was before. Also, people are obeying without discussions all the different things that the rulers tell them to do. But perhaps they obey not because they respect the rulers so much or because they fear them. Rather, it is their own fear of disappearing that keeps them locked up.

We know more or less what will happen once the Covid-19 virus has been put under “control” and later conquered with a vaccination.

To begin with many want to go back to their meaningless, accelerated existence where they feel they don´t have time for anything. But simultaneously they are aware that we are already in a deep economic crisis that will last for a few years.

Governments and international financial institutions have distributed funds to companies and workers but it is the people that later will have to pay for it while the governments expect to be able to cut more services and put almost all of them into private hands.

But, it will not be that easy for them to do that because now many people have been reflecting on their lives and have taken a certain distance to the system, which has exploited them. Now, they are a little more aware of that. Some will think, how come we don’t have a better health system instead of using our collective funds to produce weapons, subsidize banks and private firms? How come all this corruption has been able to go on?

The crises and the shocking number of deaths may get people even to think about how many children die each day of hunger and nothing serious is done about that. Some might even think why haven’t we really made an effort to develop the poor third world countries? Why haven’t we really made an effort like the Marshal help was in restoring Europe after WWII?

Some will want to help the developing world because we have come to realize that if there is a serious outbreak of the virus there it will later hit us. Perhaps we might even start to demand that wars be stopped not just because of the deaths and destruction that they bring but because they produce refugees who might carry that virus to us.

The deep economic crisis that will be evident in most countries in the years to come will stimulate social unrest because those that were rich before the crisis want to make sure that they make a profit out of the crisis like they have done during other crisis before.

This time around it will be harder to fool people because they’ve had time to reflect on their own lives and of the unjust system that they have lived in.

Those that rule and especially those that have dictatorial tendencies, are extremely happy right now because people are obeying what they are saying. They will want to continue to control, banning all protests and everything that goes against their own interests.

That will also be more difficult because people are now more awake then they were before. Just like Chile last year said that it woke up, so will the rest of the world. There will be more of an awareness of us as humans instead of just belonging to a locality or nation.

All of that should be sufficient to make the system crumble. That is, people’s faith in the system which was not so great before the crisis will be even more reduced. They will also see how the system is inefficient in dealing with important things like health and the climate. People and especially the young will want something else that puts the wellbeing of the human being and of nature above money and consumption.

There is another reason and that is simply because it is time for our species to make an important leap towards intelligence, towards being human.

This drastic change will happen when the young unite and protest in a similar way as they did in Chile .

What characterised that protest was that it was spontaneous, with no central controls, and a very warm, gentle, joyous emotional climate that was to be seen among the people. This good climate lasted for many months as the non violent process became each time stronger and stronger. In spite of repression on behalf of the government, the killing and maiming of people.

We have said that what was behind that unique process in Chile was like another dimension, some force that was there for one reason or the other. That dimension is linked to the development of the human species and not necessarily to particular social grievances in one place or the other.

We will see this same phenomenon happen all over the world.

We said in a previous article that it would be imperative for people to be aware of this dimension if they want the change to have a fruitful end.

Under those circumstances when the change is taking place, when the youth are protesting massively with the other generations joining them, what can we do as individuals and as a collective force in order to help give that protest a positive long lasting effect that goes in an evolutionary, non-violent direction?

First of all, to help people realize the action of the other dimension. That these changes that are coming have really nothing to do with specific social and economic injustice, but are related to something much bigger.

Second, get rid of fear, the root of violence. It is this fear that is making us trapped today and what makes it easy to manipulate us.

How do we get rid of that fear? The only way to do that is to have a completely open future because that fear is nothing except an indication that we feel the future is closed, we feel that we may disappear or put it more simply, die.

Can we really get rid of that fear that has been with mankind from the beginning? Yes, because we are “made” in order to function well both physically and mentally. To be able to function well mentally we need to have an open future. When it is not, our consciousness tells us to open it. It tells us that with signals that we call “suffering” and that we consider just being part of a normal healthy life. It is no more normal to suffer then to have a stomach ache. We do something about the latter, we don’t consider it normal or desirable. But for some inexplicable reason we accept suffering.

You may say that you know how to get rid of the stomach ache but you don’t really know how to get rid of the fear of fears, the fear of dying. If you really want to get rid of it then you probably have to have the experience of immortality, of the certainty of your continuation. That sounds almost like science fiction but so many things that once were considered impossible by humanity like flying became later on the most normal thing. Flying occurred when people knew how to fly, had the tools that were necessary to build the airplanes and the deep intention to fly.

The same is undoubtedly true regarding how to get rid of the fear of fears.

If you’re interested you may want to get in touch with those who are working efficiently in doing so. There are those that are using some books that I have written as guidelines for how to overcome this fear. Books that form part of a series called Open Future, the first book of which is called “What really matters”.

People are working with these ideas and methods in different countries. If you want to find out more here are some contacts: Ivan Andrade or Samira Weng

If you are interested you can participate with others in overcoming this fear no matter where you live, because physical distances do not matter in the virtual world where meetings, seminars and retreats are now conducted.

This process is being inspired among things by what my spiritual orientor said, a close friend, a wonderful human being called Silo (1938-2010)

There is a very strong public act that he was part of in Madrid in 1981, where he says that the only way to conquer that fear is having internal faith.

Whatever you do, you need to find people who are absolutely certain that we can have this experience of immortality now, not later, not once the body ceases to exist. People who consider mental suffering an illusion and not something that is “normal” and impossible to get rid of.

The other dimension is easier to experience because everyone has had some contact with it. The question is how to make it more permanent. For that, find people who can help you be more in touch with this other dimension that is behind all evolution. We are a part of this dimension, or rather the best part of us is already a part of it.

This drastic change is going to happen all over the world. So it would be imperative for us to be able to orient this change in every country, in every city… everywhere. Physically and/or virtually.

Asides from all of that, the road ahead is beautiful.

A little bumpy in the beginning as the system dissolves but then it is absolutely out of this world, as more and more of us lose the fear of disappearing and feel strongly and permanently connected to what we really are: a part of something called the human body.


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