Tomás Hirsch

Tomás lives in Santiago de Chile. He has been a member of the Humanist Party since its inception in 1985 and resigned in 2020. He was the spokesperson for New Humanism in Latin America and was twice a presidential candidate for the Chilean left-wing parties. He is currently one of the most progressive Chilean deputies.

We go on… and it will be beautiful

The results of the primary elections have made Apruebo Dignidad the largest political and social coalition in the country, which could allow – for the first time since 1990 – a left-wing pact to have a real chance of becoming…

Juan Guzmán Tapia: A Coherent Man

Over the years, the impossible becomes reality: Juan Guzmán does justice. At the cost of cutting his judicial career short, at the cost of losing promotions and opportunities typical of that office, but with the advantage of receiving, as few…

Tomás Hirsch: why I signed the letter submitted by Bernie Sanders to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

Together with hundreds of MPs from all over the world, I signed the letter submitted by Senator Bernie Sanders to the leaders of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to ask these financial institutions to annul, cancel, eliminate the…

Chile: Humanists and the Current Moment

Hello friends, It is difficult to make a synthesis of what we are living, but in the attempt to transmit our point of view, I’ll tell you a little. I believe that we are witnessing something that Humanism has been…

Tomás Hirsch: tribute to the victims of the Chilean civil-military dictatorship

We transcribe here the tribute that the Humanist Deputy made from the Chamber of Deputies on September 11: “This September 11 marks the 46th anniversary of the civil-military coup that overthrew the constitutional government of Salvador Allende. This coup gave…

September 11th in Chile

This morning I was with Deputy Karol Cariola in an emblematic place located in my district, in the commune of Peñalolén. A place that remembers the worst of what was [Pinochet’s] Dictatorship. A place that should have always been a…

Tomás Hirsch: Leap over Fear

We reproduce here Tomás Hirsch’s chat for TED-X Anogeia, in Crete, Greece, on August 8, 2015: “Hello everyone. I feel profoundly moved on sharing with you this experience in this sacred place. I’m one of the spokespersons for Universalist Humanism,…

A new Regional Financial Architecture for Latin America

It is necessary to reflect on the possible ways out of the entire crisis in which our society is submerging. The excessive power of financial capital, the widespread debt and enormous concentration of wealth is something which the nation state, captured and blackmailed by that power, is unable to confront.

Latin America in the coming years. A Universalist Humanism vision

Latin America is definitely on the move: there are multiple events taking place in political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic, institutional, religious and spiritual fields, showing a new moment.
Here we publish the complete transcription of the lecture given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Tomás Hirsch, humanist Latin American leader.

Tomás Hirsch: “Peace and Nonviolence has always been our central concern”

Chilean Tomas Hirsch, reference for new humanism in Latin America, spoke in the closing event of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence celebrated on January 2, 2010. Hirsch took the opportunity giving testimony of his experience marching in Latin America and spoke about the growing consciousness there with inspiring images of the future activities of the Humanist Movement.

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