The results of the primary elections have made Apruebo Dignidad the largest political and social coalition in the country, which could allow – for the first time since 1990 – a left-wing pact to have a real chance of becoming a government. 1,750,000 people have given their support to Apruebo Dignidad, a young coalition of political and social forces, which have come together to respond to the demands for transformation expressed from 18 October 2019.

Since the primaries, Apruebo Dignidad has been strengthened by two excellent candidates, who are now unified by a leader who is on course to become the next President of Chile. Gabriel Boric represents the hopes for transformation of millions of Chileans who want to build a new country. Boric represents those who are fighting to end the enormous income gaps that place our country among the most unequal in the world; those who have taken to the streets to demand an end to the AFP; those who are marching in defence of the environment and for the recovery of our natural resources; and those who defend the right to live their sexuality freely without discrimination of any kind.

But the primaries also made it clear that the country does not want another right-wing government. This is clearly expressed in the decrease in electoral support for Chile Vamos. The right wing today represents the neoliberal past that we must be able to defeat. Sebastián Sichel is the continuation of Sebastián Piñera. He is the candidacy promoted by the powers that be and the economic right to generate an image of renewal that is totally distant from reality; while the Mapuche people continue to be repressed in the Wallmapu, while the owners of the AFP continue to get rich at the expense of the sacrifice of the workers, while lithium and copper continue to be in the hands of the big transnationals that the current government defends.

Despite this day of triumph for the left, the presidential election is not defined. For this reason, it is essential to work in unity, integrating the programmes of Daniel Jadue and Gabriel Boric in the candidacy of the latter, unifying the commands and work teams, overcoming the differences that arose in the heat of the campaign, and working together in each of the territories to achieve the government in November.

The Chile that has awakened is deciding its own destiny, sovereignly defining the Constitution that will govern us in the coming years, and very close to electing the government that will carry out the great transformations that the country demands. Let us move forward in unity to achieve this goal. We continue… and it will be beautiful.