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OAS: “Yes, there were human rights violations in Bolivia during 2019”.

The Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States (OAS) received on 02 March the Final Report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia) on the massacres, extra-summary executions and other human rights violations that occurred in Bolivia during…

Bolivia recovers from a deep crisis and returns to the path of growth with 9.4%.

With the various economic and social measures implemented since December 2020, Bolivia has recovered from a deep crisis and resumed the path of economic growth with 9.4 per cent in the second quarter of 2021, said Bolivian President Luis Arce.…

Delegates from 23 indigenous peoples and countries develop strategies to halt climate change

Cochabamba, [Bolivia] Oct 12 (ABI) – The Minister of Environment and Water, René Ortuño, inaugurated on Friday, in the city of Cochabamba, an international meeting of delegates from 23 indigenous peoples and friendly States that has the objective of elaborating…

Bolivia calls on the world to repudiate wars and military interventions

On Tuesday, Bolivian President Evo Morales called on the whole world to join forces to repudiate the threat of wars and military interventions by some countries that are after natural resources and have no respect for human rights. “From here,…

Bolivia reducing the gap between rich and poor by 60 since 2006

The Bolivian Minister of Economics and Public Finances, Luis Arce reported yesterday that since 2006 the gap between the incomes of the richest and poorest in the country has reduced significantly. Arce reported that during the previous neoliberal governments the…

Bolivia: Evo’s government gathers 24% more tax than last year

The Bolivian Tax Office (SIN in its Spanish acronym) has closed the 2012 period with a total tax collection of 37,459.5 million bolivianos (5,421.34 million US dollars), a total which represents an increase of 24% with respect to what was…

Evo Morales Rejectes the Attack on Libya

Bolivian President Evo Morales today rejected the military attacks against Libya, which began on Saturday with an attack by the French air force. According to Morales, the actions against Tripoli violate human rights and lead to violence. During the inauguration of the third meeting of the ALBA social commission, he stated that the countries were interested in seizing the oil.

Morales: Today in Tiwanaku, a new ray of hope is born for humanity and a new Bolivian State

In three languages, Aymara, Quechua, and Spanish, Evo Morales proclaimed that in Tiwanaku, a new ray of hope was born for humanity and a new Bolivian State, after receiving the ceremonial staff of the indigenous peoples, who anointed him as a spiritual guide in the ruins of a thousand-year-old civilization, to mark the beginning of his second presidential term.

Bolivia points the way to emancipation for the world’s indigenous peoples: Menchú

Bolivia points the way to emancipation for the world’s indigenous peoples with the consolidation of the process of change and the indigenous leader Evo Morales’ second presidential term. This was affirmed on Wednesday by the Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchú, a well known human rights activist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

At least forty thousand people are expected at Morales’ symbolic tenure in Tiahuanaco

Elogia Quispe, Mayoress of the Tiahuanaco locality, reported on Friday that at least forty thousand people are expected in the town, among them presidents, authorities, tourists and ordinary people, for the symbolic tenure of president Evo Morales’ second mandate which will take place on 21 January at the ancestral temple of Kalasasaya.

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