Elogia Quispe, mayoress of the Tiahuanaco locality, reported on Friday that at least forty thousand people are expected in the town, among them presidents, authorities, tourists and ordinary people, for the symbolic tenure of president Evo Morales’ second mandate which will take place on 21 January at the ancestral temple of Kalasasaya.

She said *“since it will take place inside the extremely sacred Kalasasaya Temple, the issue of protecting our heritage as well as that of security, coordinating with the National Police, the Military Police and the Indigenous Police to welcome 40,000 people, are being looked at”.*

She stated that several indigenous groups from different countries confirmed their attendance at this ritual act, in which the indigenous peoples will ratify their support for Morales and the process of change and they will hand him a mandate baton.
She pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is coordinating the visit of Heads of State and diplomats from the various countries that announced their participation: the president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner; Venezuela, Hugo Chávez and from Ecuador, Rafael Correa, although they are still waiting for official confirmation.

The Mayoress of Tiahuanaco specified that the central ceremony will be take place at midday and will be lead by an Inca Elder, representing the 20 provinces of La Paz and the indigenous communities from the nine departments of Bolivia.

She emphasised that *“a rite will be performed so that during the President’s coming management, he will have success and be able to fulfil the Government’s plan that he has presented”.*

For his part, the minister of Culture, Pablo Groux, specified that this State portfolio intends to link the formal tenure act, which will take place a day later in the Legislative Palace, with Aymara traditions and popular rejoicing in which citizens will participate.

Along this line, he indicated that the programme of activities will be delivered in the next few days at the consideration of the President and the Ministerial Cabinet to decide the timetable for each event.

The Minister confirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for sending out the formal invitations to Heads of State and special guests for the official ceremony.

*(Translation: Rhona Desmond)*