Evo Morales Rejectes the Attack on Libya

19.03.2011 - Cochabamba - Agencia Boliviana de Información - ABI

In this way, he stressed his categorical rejection of the military action by NATO and the United States against the North African nation.

Morales had previously advocated a peaceful solution to the conflict with Muammar Gaddafi’s government embroiled in unrest.

The head of state said that this “ideological, programmatic, political, social [conflict] must be resolved peacefully”.

He also believed that if human rights were violated, during or after the conflict, those responsible must be sanctioned using international rules.

He questioned the decision by the UN Security Council which gave a green light for an armed intervention in Libya to stop Gaddafi, including attacks by sea and air.

“This Council does not provide security, rather insecurity, because it is going to cause more deaths and will not create safety for the inhabitants”, he remarked.

*translated by Kirsty Cumming*

Categories: International, Politics, South America


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