On Tuesday, Bolivian President Evo Morales called on the whole world to join forces to repudiate the threat of wars and military interventions by some countries that are after natural resources and have no respect for human rights.

“From here, I call on the whole world to join forces to vigorously repudiate all wars, all military interventions which are not about guaranteeing human rights, are not in defence of democracy, but are instead after natural resources,” he said in an event celebrating 126 years of the Army Military College in La Paz.

He stated that he hopes that somehow together, not only social movements and organisations, but also presidents that share the struggle for peace will “guarantee” sovereignty and self-determination of the people as the best instruments for ensuring life.

Morales lamented the possible use of nuclear weapons that would “destroy” life and humanity, as it did 70 years ago when a nuclear attack affected Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

He pointed out that capitalist economics these days doesn’t depend on the opening of markets or free trade, but rather on military conquest and the invasion of territories in those countries that possess strategic raw materials.

“War props up capitalism, those who support capitalism support war, the philosophy of death and destruction,” he added.

The president specified that North American “imperialism” needs to sustain its military complex which is why US President Donald Trump has increased military spending this year by 10%.

“This year the US had planned to spend 650 billion dollars and the new president arrives and increases it by 10%, 54 billion dollars extra for military interventions,” he said.

He added that new international wars of recent years are “charged by lies” and have their own system of manipulation like in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan where problems such as terrorism or drug-trafficking are invented.