*”The Bolivian people are showing us the necessity of liberty, of the indigenous peoples’ emancipation through decision making”*, she declared at an improvised press conference.

The indigenous Guatemalan asserted that *“a profound process – that is the beginning for Latin America”* is alive in Bolivia.

For Mechú, Morales’ triumph in the last general elections *“is an extraordinary example of self-esteem that tells us that we can do it if we want it”.*

*“How much would we have liked Bolivia’s journey to have speeded up, because today we would be able to say we are simply going to present the dignification of the people”*.

She maintained that she shares the Bolivian people’s joy on seeing the President, Vice-President and the Multinational Legislative Assembly all take office, to consolidate the process of change in which, in her opinion, *“there is no turning back”*.

*“I’m certain that there is no turning back for this process, this process will never regress to the levels of humiliation experienced in Bolivia many years ago”*, she declared.

Menchú said she will participate in ancestral possession of Morales ceremony, planned for Thursday at the Akapana Pyramid, the ceremonial centre of the pre-Columbian Tiawanaku ruins.

*“We will participate in the ceremony to thank the creator and our ancestors from whence these people came, to ask forgiveness for the times that we’ve accepted injustice, without doing anything about it and to ask for an abundant future and political wealth”*, she stated.


*(Translated by Rupert James Spedding, rupert.spedding@gmail.com)*