We come at this end of the year to celebrate with you the times we have been together (always in four languages and with participants from dozens of countries) and to program our 2023 meetings. In this difficult year, we have sought new paths to politics and believe we have made progress incorporating the subjectivity and interconnection of the human family as a field of action.

We will do even more in the coming years with a progressive alliance between networks of planetary citizens, so that, in addition to the interests of the market and geopolitics of States, the voice of citizens unidxs can be heard more and more for peace, ecology, justice, democracy and JOY!

We remember different moments when we were together: Our 9th. event was on Feb. 12th, on experiences of organization of planetary citizenship (together with the Convivialist International).

During the 2022 World Social Forum in Mexico, we were present virtually at several events, May 2th, “Other Economies”, organized with the Solidarius Network (10th event) and on May 5th we experienced the methodology “Compassion and Healing for humanity“, practicing a post-materialistic politics with the themes machismo, colonialism, racism and economic oppression (11th event).

On August 6, “Water and peace” was the theme addressed in the logic of planetary citizenship (12th event). On Sep. 14, in partnership with the Literary Academy of Bahia – Brazil we were together, imagining a better future for the world, at the launch of the book “Auroville, 2046. After the end of a world”, by Débora Nunes (13th event).

We also had two internal meetings, one with the Council of Wisdoms of the Earth’s Peoples, the MRG on Mar. 19, and the other on Oct. 29, in a rehearsal on how to deal with the Russia and Ukraine War using the methodology “Compassion and Healing for humanity”, with representatives of MRG networks and their guests.

In all these moments, we ensured equal participation of women and men, multipolarity was made possible with interventions coming from many parts of the Planet and thus different views on the challenges and solutions for the current world. For 2023, we ask you to note down four Saturdays of meetings throughout the year: March 4, June 3, September 2 and December 2, always at 11am Brasilia. Comrades from around the globe will meet to share and celebrate. We will disclose the themes and links in advance. For MRG’s history of events since its foundation, see the link https://www.pressenza.com/pt-pt/tag/multiconvergencia/

We wish you courage, sharing and joy in 2023, dear friends. We come together to building here and now a better world.

Multiconvergence Booster Team:
Celina Valadez, Débora Nunes, Moema Viezzer, Salette Aquino, Tereza Costa and Marcos Arruda.