Multiconvergence of Global Networks – MRG promotes an encounter inspired by the methodologies of the Theatre of the Oppressed and Family Constellations.

It will take place at the World Social Forum 2022, on 05.05.22, at 11am Brasília, in online mode, in four languages (Portuguese, French, English and Spanish), through the link:

WE expect to live collectively a moment of enlarged understanding of the structural and individual contexts of ancestral conflicts of the human species, seeking healing through compassion.

The different networks that make up MRG and all interested people will be co-creators of a profound experience, without discourse or abstractions. Through the Theatre of the Oppressed, structural injustices such as racism, machismo, slavery, colonisation, xenophobia, homophobia, among others, will be evoked. Through the dynamics of Family Constellations, we will seek the liberation, in the vibrational field, of the pain of injustice in human history, through the recognition of unconscious loyalties and the need to belong, which are behind so many atrocities committed by individuals. Bringing together the understanding of the structures of injustice and the individual motivations of belonging to these structures, we will experiment a moment of overcoming the old human savagery, at least in the heart of each person present, opening new paths.

It is an experiment in doing politics beyond the materialism of the structures, without denying them and reaffirming the commitment to overcome them. What is brought back is compassion not only for the victims but also for the individual perpetrators of injustice and the recognition of human interdependence in the great energetic web of Life. We take the step of recognizing that there are unconscious loyalties and needs of belonging to families and groups behind the injustices committed by individuals. In this methodology, the endeavor to overcome structural oppression and compassion are complementary processes that aim to avoid infinite circles of hatred that maintain suffering, so that it is possible to move on to the construction of healing through justice and peace.

To create an environment in which each person accesses deep within themselves the understanding of human frailties, recognising the deep desire to be loved that motivates each person, creative visualisations and circles of sharing will be used, in addition to the techniques already mentioned. We intend to end the meeting at the WSF with joy, celebrating the possibility of the evolution of Humanity by overcoming oppressive structures that imprison victims and perpetrators, and visualizing the possibility of building human unity through new structures and more conscious human beings.

What will the event be like?

The meeting will be held in the Zoom platform, which allows simultaneous translation and division into groups by language and will have five phases: In phase one (40 min) the welcome is given, the methodology is explained, there is a brief creative visualisation and a dramatization about divisions that are currently, or in the past, experienced by populations of the world. The aim is to sensitize people to oppression in such a way that they integrate the legitimate desire to overcome unjust structures with a broader perception, integrating the visions and emotions of the people present on both sides of the conflict. A moment of stillness is held to integrate the emotions aroused and to elaborate the internal peace.

In phase two (50 minutes), already in groups divided by language, a creative visualisation takes place in which people are invited to enter into contact with their emotions in the face of a concrete situation of oppression according to the script for each language (Portuguese – Slavery; French – Racism; Spanish – Machismo; English – Inequality). Then the people who lead the session invite two or four participants to put themselves in the place of the two sides of the conflict. After the role-play, those who wish can complete, also theatrically, the representations made in the role-play. This is followed by a round of short talks in which the participants express their emotions about the conflict, seen from a broader perspective, in which the motivations, values and feelings of both sides can be perceived.

In phase three (30 minutes), when we return to the large multilingual room, the coordinators of each group give a brief report (3 minutes each) on what was experienced in each subject and language room. Then there is a final meditation in which each person is invited to glimpse the great web of humanity, with the different motivations, loyalties and desires of belonging that mobilise each being. We try to find the peace and forgiveness possible by understanding the human frailties that keep us, for the moment, from our destiny of greater love for each other. In this meditative visualisation one celebrates the evolutions that have already been possible in the long human history and that have left behind atrocities that were legitimised by the daily culture and are abominable today. One glimpses creatively a future of greater equality, cooperation and love.

A little more about the methodology

For a better understanding of the methodology, it is important to understand that the experience is co-constructed, therefore open to the unknown, to what will be proposed by those present. People who are not familiar with the methodologies of the Theatre of the Oppressed and especially Family Constellations need to be informed that the staging goes beyond mental intelligence and establishes an energetic field in which each participant is a catalyst of the process. The more the audience is connected to their heart and open to the vibratory force of lovingness that helps us evolve, the deeper the experience will be. To open the heart is to expand the possibilities to include what is different, to become aware of inner prejudices and to create the courage to endeavor to overcome them. To open the heart is to make an alliance with peace and to perceive the impact of one’s own vision and actions, when they are conflictive or pacifying. It is to be in deep presence, to feel, reflect, transform and contribute to the transformations that are aligned in the service of peace and therefore of Life.

The facilitation of the process should be entirely open to the energy of the group, to help the participants empathically feel the feelings of those playing the roles. It is important to keep in mind that TO and CF sessions are generally face-to-face and that the fact that the Internet allows a great diversity of audiences also imposes restrictions on the method, which is simple and humble. It is known that the deeper the experience becomes on a subtle level, the more the healing path can be established for each participant, who builds, with their resources and personal stories, healing through understanding and compassion. This silent part of the methodology, which takes place within each person, is VERY important and time should be given to it, while avoiding too many words.

It is important to embrace the process as a cultural change that will produce long term results. It is an endeavor to see conflict in a compassionate perspective in order to create an environment, including vibratory, conducive to solutions and not revenge. If one expects solutions to the problems mentioned to arise from isolated experiences, one will be disappointed. Only the repetition of these new ways of doing politics (that is, facing collective issues together) can reinforce the effects of this type of methodology that understands that reality is material, but also psychological and vibratory, and that one can – and should – act in both fields.

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