The 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Chile was celebrated via an online event that underlined the cultural exchanges necessary from different points of view for the mutual understanding of history, literature, education and the role of the media. Representatives from politics, academia and the media participated in the event. Among the guests was our agency.

On behalf of the Pressenza Agency, the co-director Pia Figueroa from Chile said the following:

“First and foremost, I would like to greet you and to tell you that I am honored to participate – in the name of our international agency – in this celebration and that I agree with what has already been said about the historical and cultural importance of the relations established between our countries 50 years ago. I consider it important for us to look to the future and to think about the 50 years to come.

As a news agency working in nine languages, covering news on the subjects of peace and non-violence, we are convinced that communications play a fundamental role in bringing peoples together, in the mutual recognition of their independence and the development of cooperative and friendly relations.

Ensuring the accuracy of information content, the context in which it is communicated, the different sides of each story and the intention of promoting understanding between nations are essential components in the development of a brotherhood. This sentiment makes us feel part of the same human community.

More specifically, the contribution to promoting the different cultures of Latin America, the help in crossing the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean with the aim of convergence with China and the endeavor to make all this happen with an international perspective, is, without doubt, a great contribution in anticipating the creation of a global human nation or towards the common destiny of communities.

Through acquaintance, trust-building and reciprocity, it is possible to face the common problems which exist globally and which do not seem possible to resolve on our own.

The media helped us to be conscious of environmental degradation and the nuclear threat. Thanks to communications, we managed to sustain ourselves during the current pandemic, to learn from each other how to face it. But it is also the media that allow us to discuss how to overcome poverty and marginalization, how to face the problem of employment, how to overcome discrimination, to mention but a few of the themes which “force” us to look for common solutions.

On the other hand, scientific development and technological progress open up vast possibilities, while artificial intelligence is being applied in very different sectors, including communications. The dreams of nations are oriented towards humanitarian societies, in which pain and suffering can be overcome.

We want to bet on the hope that in another 50 years, we will be able to say that it took us a while to solve global problems, but we managed it thanks to the fact that we faced them together.”

Translated from Spanish: Pressenza Athens

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Translation from Greek by Jeannette A. Arduino,  from the voluntary Pressenza translation teamWe are looking for volunteers!