As long as humans exist on this Earth, they must cooperate with each other if they want to survive. Technical progress has made humans even more dependent on each other. This is the most important insight that must be made clear to everyone.

However, today’s monetary system is so conflicting in its effects that cooperation contradicts it. It always requires thinking in terms of competition and economic growth. It is the super-rich who, as the winners, make every effort to ensure that cooperation does not take place.  The majority of people are so influenced and shaped from birth that this important insight is non-existent. And unfortunately, this way of thinking, thinking in terms of cooperation or partnership, is not cultivated by the media.

In view of the impending ecological catastrophe and especially at this moment, it would be necessary for everyone to cooperate unconditionally. But the media is suppressing this problem and those responsible are leaving it alone at large meetings. It seems as if people today are not able to tackle such issues collectively due to a lack of cooperation.

If the monetary system were to focus on cooperation, this way of handling the situation would have been abolished long ago. But all that counts is competitiveness. In this day and age, companies, as well as political parties, continue to fight against each other. Only a direct democracy can create a cooperative approach, and only then would all members of parliament be made responsible for their own consciences. Cooperation should also take place between countries. It cannot continue to be about power struggles aimed at weakening the economic power of the other. Furthermore, wars and the production of weapons would then be a thing of the past, and far more energy and manpower could then be used for better purposes.

Cooperation could be handled most easily when dealing with money (see Modern Monetary Theory) since the material expenditure for such a change would be very low, whereas acceptance of the status quo would be more difficult. This absurdity that money can be used to make money should be put to an end, otherwise, it will always be just about exploitation. This hoarding of money by the few must stop. Money should again become a real aid in a cooperative effort, as mankind can no longer afford power struggles. Just as today’s monetary system has always led to power struggles, so too is the competitive thinking in dealing with each other influenced by it.

Today there is too much egocentricity and selfishness as a result of the monetary system. With basic income and direct democracy, everyone would be called upon to behave cooperatively, to care. Full employment is not desirable, but providing fully for basic needs should be sought.  Surely that should be learned.  It would then no longer a question of creating jobs, or of increasing revenues, but only of providing everyone with the most necessary things, of maintaining all community facilities, always with the least damage to nature and the Earth. Particularly in a direct democracy, everyone would be called upon to take responsibility for their own actions and would be responsible for undesirable developments. Corporations must be replaced by cooperatives, with all employees also being shareholders at the same time. Better cooperation would then be conceivable, and labor disputes would be dropped simply because of the basic income.

We have drifted far away from social interaction. With cooperation, the togetherness within an extended family could be best solved and everybody would be there for each other. Kindergartens and nursing homes would then be a rarity. Just imagine how much well-being would be created, how much tradition would be cultivated, and how little the burden on the state would be. Retirees would be ideally suited to help with the education of the youth, so why shouldn’t they be helpful to avoid becoming addicted to entertainment? This is where the foundation for cooperation and partnership can be laid.

The workplace, as well as the necessary shops, schools, and jobs should always be nearby, as we can no longer afford today’s waste of energy caused by transportation. The resulting time saved can then be used for personal and communal benefit, which in turn would save energy and public spending and, promote coexistence.

We must all realize that cooperation may be the only way to be successful together. With today’s monetary system, a blockade is pre-programmed and all manufactured goods are subject to an average of 30% interest. This is the exact opposite; pure exploitation. Cooperation is only possible with the Modern Monetary Theory. This understanding of cooperation must also apply to a collaboration with Earth and nature. Only then will we be able to look forward to a future worth living.

by Claus Meyer; translation from German by D. Ryan Haskill