After a few weeks ago – when massive protests began in the streets of the country and the country was still under siege and curfew -our journalist Claudia Aranda was detained for a few hours by Carabineros and the specialized team of lawyers had to be mobilized to free her, today, November 23, the Argentine correspondent of Pressenza accredited in Chile precisely to cover the events in Plaza de la Dignidad (ex-Plaza Italia) in downtown Santiago, Paula Acunzo, was attacked and beaten in her face by Carabineros.

After the water cannon got her wet, seeking to protect herself under her press helmet, she was hit with the weapon of a policeman in the lower part of her left eye, while the camera with which she worked was broken.

The facts will be recorded, as the procedures contemplate, both in the police and before the National Institute of Human Rights and also in the College of Journalists of Chile.

The following video, by Claudia Aranda, contains the testimony of the correspondent who was attacked this afternoon: (in Spanish, a rough translation  Is available on the YouTube site)

Translation Pressenza London