Israeli Troops Take Over MV Rachel Corrie

Israeli troops took control of the Free Gaza movement MV Rachel Corrie aid ship while its sealing to the Gaza Strip to deliver aid and break the Siege. According to the Israeli army soldiers took control of the ship without any clashes with the 20 people on board the ship. MV Rachel Corrie was rerouted to the Israeli sea port of Ashdod near the Gaza Strip.

UN Secretary-General sends Nuclear Abolition Day message

This Saturday is Nuclear Abolition Day — a global day of action to abolish nuclear weapons, and the opportunity to respond to the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference outcome. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today sent a video message of encouragement, which can be seen at [www.nuclearabolition.org](www.nuclearabolition.org)

Nuclear Abolition Day

On June 5, 2010, thousands of people across the world will take part in coordinated local events to mark Nuclear Abolition Day. The message is simple: it’s time for governments to begin negotiating a Nuclear Weapons Convention to ban all nuclear weapons.
In some countries, protests will take place outside government buildings or at nuclear facilities.

Advancing Nuclear Disarmament: The Power of Parliaments

UN Secretary-General remarks to the Inter-Parliamentary Union and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament:
“Ten years ago, the NPT Review Conference described the total elimination of nuclear arsenals as “the only guarantee against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons”. Ten years on, I urge you to help to make disarmament a truly global cause”.

Brazilian front of local governments joins Mayors for Peace during national meeting

The Frente Nacional de Prefeitos (FNP) joined Mayors for Peace during their General Meeting held in Florianopolis, south of Brazil, on April 26 and 27th. In the motion adopted by the FNP the Brazilian Association of Local Governments encourages its members to join individually. During the conference 29 Brazilian Mayors were welcomed as new members.

Colombia Green Party Wins Potential Voters

The leader of the Colombian Green Party, Antanas Mockus, reached a technical tie in popularity rating with his most dangerous rival in the presidential race, and stated his goal is to win in first electoral round. A poll by the National Consultancy Center and CM News revealed that Mockus has climbed considerably in voting intentions.

Dramatic Arab Appeal for a Nuclear-Free World

Call it perfect timing or a sheer historical coincidence; be it because they feel caught between the Israeli nuclear hammer and the Iranian might-be atomic anvil or just because they truly want it, the fact is that the leaders of 22 Arab countries have launched an unprecedented massive and pressing call to free the world from nuclear weapons.

Lula: “Deactivation of what?”

“If we talk about deactivating something that has already expired, it makes no sense. I have a medicine cabinet at home from which I remove expired medicines. Unless we talk seriously about disarmament we cannot accept that there are countries that are armed to the teeth and others that are unarmed”, said the President of Brazil regarding the new USA and Russia agreement.

Those Who Want Nuclear Wars, Raise Their Hand

Now that nuclear arsenals reduction is much in the news, the US and Russia have agreed to downsize their stockpiles by 30% and 22 Arab countries called for a nuke-free world, it’s time to ask how many countries have decided to eliminate the threat of a devastating nuclear war and consequently managed to liberate themselves from the most atrocious weapons of mass destruction.

DISARM: Hollywood against nuclear warheads

Two Hollywood film-makers joined a queen from the Middle East and a computer multimillionaire along with diplomats from the United States in order to demand from world leaders meeting next week in the United States a world without nuclear weapons. The promoters of the film say “our only choice is eradicating every last missile”

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