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Colombia: over a million child workers in 2011

1.4 Million Colombian children and adolescents between 5 and 17 years of age worked in 2011, “in order to have their own money or participate in family economic activity,” according to the director of the National Department of Statistics (Dane),…

Annan’s plan accepted

The government of Damascus accepted the plan for a resolution to the crisis proposed by the Arab League and United Nations special envoy for Syria, Kofi Annan. According to the spokesperson for the former UN chief, Annan already responded to President al Bashir, urging the prompt application of the proposals.

Arab League observers return to Homs

Arab League observers headed by Sudanese General Mustafa al Dabi, accompanied by government representatives, returned to Homs, epicentre of anti-government protests, for a second visit. Based on first statements to the press, Dabi said that the situation is Homs appeared “reassuring”, bur “further investigations” are needed, and that “20 experts will remain for some time”.