Green Party Hong Kong launched with anti-nuclear strike

Green Party Hong Kong took the streets on Sunday 24 April 2011, allied by Humanist Association of Hong Kong, in support of a Greenpeace initiative calling on the Hong Kong government Environmental Bureau to put a stop to nuclear expansion.The Legislative Council is meeting on April 29 and the demonstration was to pressure the government to cease any expansion plans. »


Israeli Academics Call for Creation of Palestinian State

A group of prominent Israelis met Thursday in Tel Aviv to announce their support for the formation of an independent Palestinian state. Forty-seven leading Israeli cultural figures and academics signed a “Declaration of Independence from the Occupation." Yaron Ezrahi is a professor of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. »


The clear and present dangers of depending on nuclear power

Our Humanist Association of Hong Kong Letter to the Editor appeared today in the South China Morning Post newspaper, April 18, 2011. Also appearing on Humanize Asia and Lantau Forum, eliciting comments from others. I replied to one critic that I quote the worst case scenario where nuclear fallout would poison the entire planet. »


Barack Obama must speak out on Bahrain bloodshed

Three days after Hosni Mubarak resigned as the long-standing dictator in Egypt, people in the small Gulf state of Bahrain took to the streets, marching to their version of Tahrir: Pearl Square, in the capital city of Manama. Bahrain has been ruled by the same family, the House of Khalifa, since the 1780s – more than 220 years. »


Protesting war abroad and austerity at home

As many as 10,000 people gathered in New York City's Union Square on April 9 to make the connection between militarism abroad and austerity at home--and renew the antiwar movement's demand to bring U.S. troops home now. Across the country, some 1,500 people rallied the next day in San Francisco in a sister demonstration. »


Call For Banning Radioactive Weapons Gathers Momentum

Amidst growing apprehension that the United States and its allies might use radioactive weapons in Libya, as they are reported to have done in several local and limited wars beginning with the 1991 Iraq War, the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) is calling for a global treaty to prohibit such arsenal. By Jaya Ramachandran »


People’s Cricket League: India vs Corruption

"Wake up all good hearted Indians. Respected Anna Hazare's struggle and fasting is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please support him wholeheartedly. My friends in Mumbai, please join me to start same here in Mumbai. If I get support of 1000 good hearted people(Without any political support and ambition), I will go on fasting in front of Mantralaya Nilesh Joshi »


Back to the Streets

On April 9th in NYC and 10th in San Francisco, human rights, civil rights, and workers rights leaders and advocates - religious and secular - Jewish, Muslim, Christian, humanist - are linking arms in solidarity and common commitment with antiwar activists to take to the streets in the face of what Dr. King once called an “unfolding conundrum”. »


Gbagbo Forces Number Less than 1,000

According to a report, forces loyal to embattled Ivory Coast leader, former president Laurent Gbagbo, have reportedly dwindled to less than 1,000 fighters. Some 200 armed men are said to be protecting Gbagbo’s presidential palace, which is surrounded by forces loyal to internationally recognized president Alassane Ouattara. »


NATO Widens Air Assault; Rebels Advance on Brega

NATO has intensified its air campaign against Gaddafi regime amidst ongoing clashes on the ground. NATO warplanes flew around 200 missions in Libyan airspace after rebel leaders accused international forces of failing to protect the city of Misurata. The US has said that success has been slowed in part by the Gaddafi regime’s use of human shields near military positions. »


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