Campaign to nominate Fidel Castro for 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

A diverse group of social organizations have launched a campaign nominating the former Cuban president Fidel Castro for the Nobel Peace Prize this coming year 2010. The nomination is based on Cuba’s achievements in health, education and reduction of infant mortality, among other improvements made under Castro’s leadership.

And what if it was because of this drama that I found meaning in my life?

I was standing in the queue at passport control when Rafael de la Rubia took me to one side and said quietly: “We’re hoping to introduce someone to you, the governor of this department, Antonio Navarro, the former leader of the M-19 group who was indirectly involved in the operation that took your father and several other ambassadors hostage…”


There are times when Latin American magical realism falls short in describing what has occurred, as happened on the Rumichaca bridge on the border between Colombia and Ecuador, when Juanes and Rafael de la Rubia were preparing to hand over the World March for Peace and Non-Violence flag to the Ecuadorian singer Juan Fernando Velasco.

MIGRATION: Wonderland Vision and Painful Reality

In 2009 Human Rights Watch (HRW) documented human rights violations against migrant women, men, and children in every region of the world, publishing dozens of materials, including 14 reports. This issue is treated by the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers ratified by 42 countries since the UN adoption on December 18, 1990

With a huge media display and very Latin human warmth, Bogota welcomes the arrival of the World March.

From the early hours of the morning, Colombia’s national television channels were announcing the arrival of the World March to the South American continent, while the city of Bogota was waking up to the this event. Towards midday members of the international team were welcomed at the airport with dance, music and a lot of human warmth.

Bogotá expresses its longing for peace

In Bogotá, a huge crowd, all dressed in white, took part in a 3-hour march to show their support for the World March for Peace and Non-Violence. The people of Bogotá marched to show their desire and longing to live together in peace, without the threat of violence that directly affects their families and gives such a distorted image of this warm, friendly country.

Aminatou Must Live and Return Home

The humanist organisation ‘Convergence of Cultures’ is carrying out an international campaign for solidarity with Aminatau Haidar, the Western Saharan who has been on hunger strike in defence of the rights of her people. The campaign demands that the authorities concerned comply with both UN resolutions and human rights.

Nuclear bomb-makers serenaded with “updated” festive tunes

Anti-nuclear campaigners from Trident Ploughshares group, London & Oxford Catholic Worker, Campaign Against Arms Trade, World March for Peace and Nonviolence and Kingston Peace Council dressed in white “weapons inspector” overalls and festive hats serenaded employees of nuclear weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin outside the US arms giant’s central London office.

In Honor of Rodrigo Carazo

In this note, we reproduce the homage given by members of the international team of the World March for Peace and Non-violence to President Rodrigo Carazo, who died as a result of a heart condition days before being able to welcome the team in his country, Costa Rica. The career of Rodrigo Carazo places him among Latin American Humanist leaders.

Interview with Miguel Hirsch: “in Africa I felt that the worst form of violence is economic injustice”

And this is powerfully resonant in Latin America. In other words, people feel the tremendous violence of the impossibility to live in minimal living conditions that equate to a decent life. And the worst of the situation is the injustice of the distribution of resources that cause suffering to a huge majority of people and is accepted as “the norm”.

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