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The new generation returns to battle

A social phenomenon exploded almost fifty years ago: young people began to make their voice heard and took control of the social space. Different cities witnessed the simultaneous uprising as this clamour became the visible form of the much-discussed Gasset y Ortega thesis on generational dialectics as the driving force of history with extraordinary empirical evidence. »


A new pedagogical paradigm for an education in crisis

Through authors like Rita Levi, Maturana, Piaget, Vigotsky, Husserl, Freire and, fundamentally, Silo, the Chilean teachers Rebeca Bize and Mario Aguilar have developed a solid theoretical foundation for a new humanist education in “Pedagogy of Intentionality, Educating for an Active consciousness”. The book was presented in Buenos Aires, in the National Library. »


Death threats and attacks on Neuquén radio journalist

Reporters Without Borders condemns the persecution of Mario Sánchez, a radio journalist based in the town of Centenario, in the southwestern province of Neuquén, who has been the target of repeated attacks and threats that began on 19 June, when unidentified intruders set fire to his home after taking his computer and travel documents. »


Indigenous still marginalized 200 years on

Mired in poverty and with few land rights, indigenous groups saw little to celebrate on the bicentennial of the nation’s independence from Spain on May 14. Representatives of indigenous organizations headed to the capital, Asunción, to demand the government take immediate action to stem the severe problems afflicting Paraguay’s 20 native peoples. »


One’s own death as a tool for struggle

Many are those who throughout history have not found a way out the conflicts imposed by the conditions of social injustice, and have resorted to self-immolation as a form of denunciation and struggle. With their own suicide they seek to awaken in others a sense of solidarity with the powerless, to open the way for the collective modification of the conditions of oppression »


Non-violent expressions search for a real change in the education system

There have been many expressions of non-violent protest by students which have spread via social networks. The educational crisis has manifested in several institutions which are on strike. Activities are expanding the debate on an issue which is one more symptom of a violent and inhuman system heading for total breakdown, with a crisis that is growing stronger every day. »


Calm debate on environment needed after charges withdrawn against photographer

Reporters Without Borders welcomes the withdrawal of charges against photographer Marcela Rodríguez, a contributor to the Mapuexpress website (, when she appeared before a court in the southern city of Temuco on 22 June. The public prosecutor decided it was not in the public interest to prosecute her. »


Local blogger and politician gunned down in Rio Grande do Norte, motive unclear

Ednaldo Figueira, a blogger, politician and owner of the local newspaper O Serrano, was gunned down on 15 June in Serra do Mel, a town in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte. He headed the Serra do Mel branch of the Workers Party (PT), the party of President Dilma Rousseff and her predecessor, Lula da Silva, and posted regularly on the Serra do Mel blog. »


Serious incidents reflect the marginalization of Belfast loyalist Protestants

On Monday night Ireland suffered the most violent incidents in a decade between Protestants and Catholics, who clashed in the city of Belfast some even firing guns, according to Irish police. In the images broadcast by television there were hundreds of youths throwing stones and Molotov cocktails in the Short Strand area. »


Ollanta Humala Arrives in Uruguay

The elected President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, arrived Sunday in Uruguay as part of his tour to strengthen the economic and political ties with South American countries. The official agenda will begin on Monday when the president, José Mujica, receives Humala at the seat of government, confirmed the presidential website. »


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