Yes, the subject of emotional dependence or codependence appears again and again in the clinic, in relation to relationship issues. However, another type of codependent behaviour is beginning to become visible, related to drug use and abuse, in its different levels of toxicity.

In emotional codependence referring to a person, object or behaviour and in relation to addictions, common needs and shortcomings can be observed; abandonment, loneliness, despair, grief, betrayal… allowing meaninglessness to run wild. Thus, to take action to get out of the vicious circle seems to be a difficult task to achieve, and sometimes it is. However, experience tells us that, although it is not easy to accomplish the task, Intentionality, as a fundamental element of the process of human change, plays here a role of real importance.

In a first look (since there is a lot of work to be done on these issues), it would be interesting to observe what role the toxic partner or drugs play in my life, in your life. Perhaps only then, in the face of that inner look that is always kind, loving and supportive, with ourselves and with others, can we begin to retrace the path that we have been, “without wanting to, wanting to”, building. In this way, we can give meaning and direction to our work in the world.