Tatiana De Barelli

Tatiana De Barelli

Born with the gene of idealism, I have always wanted to change the world. At the age of 25, I met three crazy "humanists" and, little by little, with the friends of the Humanist Movement, I was able to collaborate in many projects around active nonviolence. The international dimension has always attracted me a lot and for 10 years I travelled to West Africa to support many social projects with the people there. Graphologist and educational psychologist, in 2008 I created Educ'art "When education is an art". It seems to me that school can be "the place" that opens children to their creativity, to their potential to transform the world. Together with professionals in the field of learning, we offer numerous training courses and exchanges with this objective in mind. Writing is also a passion. In 2010, I wrote a book "Les Enjeux de l'Ecrire" (The Stakes of Writing) which places the gesture of writing in its human dimension. In 1982, I married Jorge, an Argentinean, we have two sons who have become magnificent men. The relationship between a couple and a mother continues to be for me the most important human construction in terms of life choices.

Latin America in Brussels: two summits, a lot at stake

On 17 and 18 July two Latin American-Caribbean summits were held in Brussels: the first, on the premises of the European Union, for a meeting between Latin American presidents and European leaders (CELAC-EU). The second, the “People’s Summit”, was held…

Latin America in Brussels: two summits, high stakes

On July 17 and 18 [,2023], two Latin American-Caribbean summits were held in Brussels: the first, on the prestigious premises of the European Union, for a meeting between Latin American presidents and European leaders (CELAC-EU). The second, the “People’s Summit”,…

Disinformation about the radioactivity of depleted uranium

Following the news of March 2023 on the possible shipment of depleted uranium weapons to Ukraine, the CRIIRAD (1) returns to the disinformation on the radioactivity of depleted uranium. Interviewed on 27/3/2023 at 9:40 a.m. on LCI, Bruno Chareyron was…

Meeting with Marie Doutrepont: “our children will hold us to account for our attitude” about the Moria camp and the EU’s reception policy

Marie Dutrepont on Moria: “each piece of humanity disappears like a drop of water on a slab of hot cement” Marie Doutrepont is a Belgian lawyer, author of the book “Moria: Chroniques des limbes de l’Europe”, 180 ° editions –…

Eyes on Bonn: COP23 and Germany’s biggest anti-coal demonstration

Last Saturday around 25,000 people marched peacefully in the streets of Bonn in a colourful demonstration in order to demand the German government to stick to the Paris agreement and to phase out coal. It was the biggest anti-coal-demonstration in…

DiEM25: the courage to imagine and to the transform the EU

On Saturday, 9th of September, the week before the official speech by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, on the State of the European Union, DiEM25[1] was in BOZAR theatre, Brussels, to show another vision of the European…

Cinema: The justified anger of undocumented immigrants and French filmmakers

“We work here! We live here! We’re staying here!” This film and its accompanying manifesto are calling out for the regularization of all “undocumented” workers in France. A true film featuring brave immigrants and made by filmmakers respectful of their words. A joint revolt against a type of legalised inhumanity … with papers!!

Bombspotters invade the security of the Kleine Brogel Air Base – in preparation for a Europe-wide campaign on April 3

The UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference starts in New York on May 3, 2010. The political juncture has never been as favourable for demanding nuclear disarmament. Vredesactie is calling for the operations of the Kleine Brogel nuclear base to be permanently stopped using non-violent direct action beginning on April 3.

Happy Birthday Gandhi! in Brussels.

Brussels, capital of Europe, is mainly known for hosting many international decision-makers, who, as of late, receive strong protests. An Emotional commemoration at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, initiated with the Embassy of India, was held in Brussels, Friday morning October 2, followed by the launching of the World March.