Happy Birthday Gandhi! in Brussels.

05.10.2009 - Brussels - Tatiana De Barelli

Brussels, capital of Europe, is mainly known for hosting many international decision- makers, who have as of late, received strong protests. Brussels is also home to a commemorative plaza containing the statue dedicated to Mahatma Ghandi, where the diverse communities throughout Brussels converged as part of the international launching for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence celebrated October 2.

An Emotional commemoration at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, initiated with the Embassy of India, was held in Brussels, Friday morning October 2, followed by the launching of the World March that evening.

The evening commemoration was a gathering of people who formed a light flooded symbol of nonviolence with hundreds of people who converged from the different national and international communities of Brussels. Following short speeches from Iranian, Indian and Belgian friends, “sound healing” musicians performed an ancient sacred dance. It was a moment of pure poetry full of wisdom.

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