Redacción Madrid

Redacción Madrid

News from the Pressenza Bureau in Madrid, Spain


Pablo Iglesias: “We are dreaming but we take our dreams very seriously”

Pablo Iglesias: “We are dreaming but we take our dreams very seriously”

Hundreds of thousands formed a sea of people that literally took over the centre of Madrid in what was called the March for Change.  Podemos (the new Spanish left party that formed last year) wanted to measure their forces and today they can say that they are a serious alternative… »


Podemos: an unusual process

Podemos: an unusual process

Deliberation in Podemos[1] is public and open, it allows for varying degrees of involvement, within it are participating people from social movements and its structure is designed not only for militants but rather for popular participation. By Olga Rodríguez for Zona Crítica Podemos [we can] uses the first… »


Video of the first same-sex wedding in Turkey and interview with the happy couple

Video of the first same-sex wedding in Turkey and interview with the happy couple

Silo’s Message is a spiritual current developing on the basis of the book of the same name written by the Argentinean spiritual guide, Silo.  Adherents form themselves into Communities and generally meet weekly to interchange about their experiences with Silo’s teachings and to hold ceremonies that serve to strengthen the… »


To the Humanist people – Palestine and Israel, the day after Gaza

To the Humanist people – Palestine and Israel, the day after Gaza

By Aaron Elberg, from Jerusalem At some point, the fire will cease. Maybe in a couple of days, maybe a couple of weeks, but at some point the uproar of the cannons and the missiles will quiet. Until that time comes, many deaths will sum up to the scene on… »


Demonstrations across Spain to demand the right to housing and the end of evictions

Following the report in Pressenza yesterday about the elderly couple in Majorca who committed suicide under pressure from their debts we report on social demonstrations taking part in Spain tomorrow.  The Platform of Mortgage Holders and groups of 15M (The Occupy movement in Spain) have called for protests across Spain… »


“A society which gives priority to life over political and economic interests”

The movement "Real Democracy Now" has remained small, and has transformed into "Take the Plaza!". It has declared that it is political, but non-partisan. It has extended through all of Spain, to more than thirty European cities and to parts of Latin America. We are publishing the information that the organization has sent to us about who they are, as well as their objectives. »


The Spanish Revolution

The actions of **Real Democracy Now!** monopolize the news, the front pages of newspapers, the debates on the radio. While some are accused of subverting the old order, others try to build bridges to be voted on themselves by the 'outraged'. A nonviolent revolution has begun to take shape, say participants in these gatherings. »


Aminatou Must Live and Return Home

The humanist organisation ‘Convergence of Cultures’ is carrying out an international campaign for solidarity with Aminatau Haidar, the Western Saharan who has been on hunger strike in defence of the rights of her people. The campaign demands that the authorities concerned comply with both UN resolutions and human rights. »


Bolivia’s New Challenge: Industrialization

On his stop in Spain, Bolivia’s Foreign Minister, David Choquehuanca, asked for the vote of Bolivians residing there. He listed before the press the domestic accomplishments achieved by the government of Evo and the improvements for Bolivians living abroad. Regarding the future, he made clear the next big challenge for the coming years: the industrialization of the country. »


Catalan Institutions Welcome the March’s Base Team as they pass through Barcelona

The World March for Peace and Non-Violence base team was festively greeted by local organising teams at the Barcelona airport. Later, a delegation participated in various receptions held in Barcelona’s City Hall, the Generalitat (Catalonia’s autonomous government), and the Parliament of Catalonia. The Charter for a World without violence was given to Catalonian authorities. »


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