Some of the illustrators who have donated their works for the exhibition ‘5 out of 10,000’.

“Rare diseases can be lived with and, if research helps, cured or mitigated”, this is the slogan that has prompted some thirty illustrators – the so-called Colon IECM Group, made up of Professor Paco Rosco and his students from the Illustration Certificate – to organise an exhibition of their works and donate them, with the aim of raising funds to help different groups that work with children affected by this type of disease, and to give them visibility.

The exhibition is located in the restaurant La Burbujería (Calle Barco, 7) in Madrid and was inaugurated on 4 October.

The illustrations that make up this initiative represent different diseases and tell great stories.

Images by David García del Valle

Once upon a time, a group of illustrators got together to give visibility to children living with a rare disease. After practising various acrobatics, juggling and tightrope walking, they came to the conclusion that the best thing they knew how to do was illustration.

And so, they decided to make this charity exhibition, ‘5 out of 10,000’, for it to raise awareness of rare diseases, raise funds for associations and, above all, grab the smiles of children.

What is ‘5 out of 10,000’? These are the children who suffer from a rare disease. They may seem few, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

And what does it mean to have a rare disease? It means that there are very few children with the disease, and as a result, health resources for research are scarce. This diminishes the hope of these families, thus increasing their loneliness in the face of the disease. Publicising them is a way of raising awareness and trying to get more financial support from society for research into the disease.

100% of the profits will go to the rare disease associations participating in this exhibition.

A total of 30 works in which the artists have managed to perfectly capture what it means to live with a rare disease as a child, as well as serving as an injection of hope and representation for those children who find themselves in this situation.

Don’t forget to do your bit by purchasing the works by clicking on the following link!

Images from the opening of the exhibition