Mariano Quiroga

Mariano Quiroga

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1976, Mariano is a journalist, poet and international editor for Pressenza. His career includes publications in different countries and languages. Currently he is presenter on radio programmes in Ecuador and Argentina. A humanist communicator specialising in international politics, his vocation has led him to seek to build bridges that allow relationships to be made between data, events, people and contexts in order to create an inclusive look that synthesises the noblest searches for social justice and humanisation of the planet.


Decrees without media coverage

When summer arrives citizens are thinking more about holidays and less about politics. At least this is what governments hope, so as to be able to pass certain laws and decrees without creating waves that could incite rejection whether from student activists, fully-functioning trade unions and associations with all their membership. »


The dictatorship of the Market

Athens has succumbed to the onslaught of the God of the Market, more powerful even than the Gods of Mount Olympus. Despite the 48 hour strike and the thousands of demonstrators surrounding Parliament, within the building they voted by a majority of 155 to 138 in favour of the plans for measures that will create a debt of the Greek people three times its Gross Domestic Product. »


Borders don’t exist for women

The second day at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn and a continuously rising temperature. After the first panels on the opening day and exchanging cards with journalists from all over the world, the second day gave us vibrant meetings and high emotional intensity. Women were the protagonists. »


The Escalation of Uncertainty

While Barack Obama justifies the attacks and gives unconditional support to his Israeli equivalent, Netanyahu, Europe debates among numerous crises. Some governments have decided to get through the crisis with war, others have disassociated themselves, and Germany, on the other hand, finds Merkel trying to suspend her government. »


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