Luigi Mosca

Luigi Mosca – Doctor in Physics - Elementary Particle Physics Fields of research : Strong Interactions, Neutrino Physics, Proton Decay, Dark Matter, in the Laboratories of Saclay (CEA/France), CERN (Geneva), Serpukhov (Russia), and LSM (Fréjus Laboratory) Previous Director of the LSM “Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane” (CEA-CNRS) Activist for Nuclear Disarmament in the Association “Abolition des Armes Nucléaires” (member of ICAN) -

A call to start nuclear disarmament and to bring the Ban Treaty quickly into force

Pressenza publishes this call from Luigi Mosca, Doctor in Physics who has worked at Saclay laboratories (CEA/France), CERN (Switzerland), Serpukhov (Russia) and at the “Modane Underground Laboratory” (LSM), former Director of LSM and nuclear disarmament activist. First of all, we…