Javier Tolcachier

Javier Tolcachier

Javier Tolcachier is a researcher from the World Centre of Humanist Studies, an organism of the Humanist Movement. Mail: javiertolcachier@disroot.org Twitter: @jtolcachier


I’m always too late…

I’m always too late…

When I reach the point of putting pen to paper, i.e. to give shape to a point of view about something relevant, other events happen to occupy everyone’s attention. So today I’m going to get ahead of the game, going to the other extreme with an identical sense of bad… »


A Nonviolent World is possible

A Nonviolent World is possible

Exactly thirty-three years ago today, Silo, in front of an attentive and joyful gathering in the Pabellon de Deportes in Madrid, said: “Without inner faith, there is fear; fear produces suffering; suffering produces violence; violence produces destruction. Therefore, inner faith prevents destruction.” In homage to the birth of Mahatma Gandhi… »


The real conflict

The real conflict

Four teenagers have died. One of them Palestinian. The other three Israelis. All belonging to the same generation, in the dawn of their lives. We know their faces. Thousands are no longer there, in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Vietnam, Algeria, Rwanda, Poland, Germany and Liberia. Faces gone… »


Conflicting Intentions

  Freedom of access to information is sometimes almost as overwhelming as the censorship, limitations to expression or deformation and silencing by the powers that be to which we are accustomed. Or the power of certain media. When I say, “almost as overwhelming”, you probably already know why. And if… »


Syria and the Middle East: Peace will not result from a violent approach to violence

“To which faction would you have given your support? Whether on the side of the pure or the wicked, you would only have increased your folly”. Silo, "Humanize the Earth" (Collected Works), Latitude Press, US. We publish this opinion article about the conflict in Syria and more broadly in relation to the regional conflict in the Middle East. »


The real root causes of crime

Far from being keen on the obituary sections covering most of the communicative space in the media sphere, I think it is essential to throw light on the root causes from which most criminal activities come from today. This is precisely what the following note, published here in full, is dealing with. »


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